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Scroll down past the HEADER to find the PAGE BUTTONS. Look to the word "link" in the title and that is where you will find the links that were once on the left side bar. It will be easier to find what pattern, video or supplier you are looking for and not have to continuously scroll, scroll, scroll to find links!
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Left click on image you want a better view of. A window will open with list of options. Click on "open link in new window" link. Your cursor should be a magnifying glass with a plus sign on the glass. Click on image to enlarge.
-Google Drive Video Player-
2012 Videos play at 360p which is the auto play for the GDV Player. Not for widescreen but for phones, pads, notebooks.  Embeds will play differently...
For 1080p Video Links
1. Click on "Video Chat Link", 
2. Video Chat will open in another "tab", 
3. Click "Play", 
4. Click on the "Full Screen Icon" that is next to the "Settings Icon" at the right hand bottom of the video screen, Depending on video... Click on the "Settings Icon" (snowflake) at the right hand bottom of the video screen, 
5. Depending on video... Click on the "Settings Icon" (snowflake) at the right hand bottom of the video screen, 
6. Leave "Speed" on "Normal" unless you want me to sound like I have inhaled helium, 
7. Click on "Quality" and click on the 1080p HD, 
8. Make sure there is a "red" square box on top of the settings icon with "HD" in white lettering. 
-The Stuff That Must Be Said!-
All Rights Reserved ©1988-2019 by Teri Dusenbury
You as an individual may print two personal copies only. Both copies are for your own personal use. Maybe, you like to write notes on one copy and keep the other copy as is. That is the only right extended to you.
TEACHER FAIR USE: This heading falls under a whole other set of federal rules and it is very specific in detail. Face-to-Face is one specific point. The TEACH ACT only applies to accredited educational institutions... I have issued no license for my work to be used in any online class.
   I own the exclusive right to distribute my works to the public by sales, donation, rental or lending.
   Patterns in any form which includes pattern text, schematics, pictures and combined files.)
• You may not place my pattern files on your blog.
• If you belong to any community (or own a cloud drive) that allows you to upload patterns to a folder that is opened to the public, AND you have placed material that belongs to me then you are violating my copyright.
• If you link to my patterns and are charging a fee so that others may access that compiled link list, you are violating my copyright.
Only I have the right to prepare new patterns derived from the original patterns.
• If you take my copyrighted designs and change one or more of the design elements by 20% then you are violating my copyright. The 20% rule is a myth.
• If you excise a portion from my work and call it something else, you are violating my copyright.
• If you use a different technique than I do to tat the design that does not constitute originality, you are violating my copyright.
Only I have the right to publicly display my work.
• If you tat my patterns and then display your tatted versions in a public forum (blog or community), without seeking my permission first, then you are violating my copyright.
• You must have my permission prior to displaying. Just giving designer credits is not enough. I should have the option on how my work is displayed.
• If you tat my pattern and enter that version in a contest, or display that version in a state or county fair you are violating my copyright.
The patterns made available on this blog are for your "private and personal use only!" You "may not profit" from making these design and selling them unless you have my "express written permission."
   Ask permission FIRST prior to "posting" a tatted duplication of any of my designs.
I own the sole right to display (unless under very specific "fair use" guidelines.) Publishing a tatted duplication of my work is not a "right" or considered a "fair use" of my protected work!
   It is unfair to me as the author of these designs to post a duplicated version that includes "one or a pair of shuttles" that you have made or by another shuttle maker. Indirectly or directly you are using my work to promote those shuttles. Without a license granting you permission to include those shuttles in the same picture of my work, you are then violating my copyright. Should I not get a piece of that profit margin too? Do I ever even get a free shuttle?
   It is unfair to me as the author of these designs to post a duplicated version using a "thread" that I do not consider a "quality thread" suitable for tatting. If you are promoting the thread by stating the "name and color" of that thread and or linking to a store or the manufacturer of said thread, then you are using my work to promote that thread. The manufacturer is then profiting from my work without a license. You are violating my copyright. Should I not get a piece of the profit margin too?
   ASK FIRST! Be polite. Spell my name correctly. And be very specific in what you are asking permission to use and for what purpose. State the name of the thread used.
Dealing with Asperger's Syndrome...
I am not a "freak" but a "geek"? Does that even need to be said?
I am introverted to the 10th degree, but will come out from under the rock when I feel I have something of import to say on tatting or crochet.
I talk weird and use words that many have to look up in the dictionary to find the meaning of.
I do not function properly in brightly lit environments, and I am particularly sensitive to noise.  I feel sound and sometimes it can be painful.
I do not drive, ride in cars, take trains or fly. I am sensitive to movement and have the ability to turn my face into a wonderful shade of green after five minutes of not having my feet placed firmly on the ground.
It is beyond exhausting to communicate in a "face to face" situation with another human being. I rehearse (in my head) every possible conversation that I might encounter so that I have the correct response or can react in a socially acceptable manner.  My goal is to get the person that I am having to interact with to do their JOB so that I will get the end results that I need.  Do your JOB! By the time my mind is processing that thought I have lost control over mind and body. I can not help that my body is in a complete flop sweat and my eyeball is twitching so badly that I have to place my hand over it to keep the eyeball from popping out of the socket. That is me trying to cope with you not doing your job. It is exhausting being me and dealing sociably when there is no handbook that any one person follows.  OK  I am freak at times... do your job!
Another trait is that I have a rigid thinking processes and I only concern myself with what is "truth". There is "truth" and then there is "false".  The grey area is far too vast and whomever is in control of drawing the line should probably not be holding the chalk.  If you know the "truth" than how can you support what is "false"?  The justification is the grey area?  "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  Such a beautiful sentiment and an easy one to implement into one's daily life. If you know the truth but perpetuate the lie, how do you live with yourself?
I know every tatter wants me to "shut up" about copyrights. Ollie wants it to stop, my girlfriends do not want to hear another word about it. Enough is enough, do you not think I know that! I get it! It is so hard to get myself to stop, especially when I know the "truth"? It is the "principle of the matter".
   When an elephant is prodded with a sharp end of a stick eventually the person carrying the stick is going to get stomped.  It is difficult to ignore the "triggers" and it does not help when I am being constantly prodded with a sharp end of a stick. Stop it! I will no longer say another public word on this issue. I am now finished with the hissy fit, and it is probably a good idea not to "prod" the elephant further as I know which path to take.
I just want to put up my "legacy of lace" and enjoy this time, the blog, the lace and tatting. Please allow me that joy...  If you are curious about "Asperger's Syndrome", there are many, many articles available on the Internet...TATBiT♥
Happy Tatting!