-TATBiT's DIARY: 7-28-15-🌈-

 UPDATE 2019
Sadly, all the critters are gone! The raccoons lost their meal ticket and were no longer being fed. They are fickle and go where there is food.
 Garfield either died or left while I was hospitalized. I pined for that darn cat and hoped to see him come around the corner every time the front door was opened just like he usually did. 
 We still have ants. The house would have to be tented and fumigated before we could get rid of them. We co-exist until they anger my son and he goes on a killing spree.
  A Cautionary TALE is about the end of 2015 and how I came back to blogging. TATBiT❤
♥Dancing At The End of The Rainbow♥
I am not only physically ill, but mentally ill as well. Who knew? Only all of you and not me.
 I have two eye surgeries to look forward to. I need to be very selfish and take care of me for a change.
 Ollie does likes his woman a little crazy but he did not sign up for this.
 It is unfair for me to ask Ollie to take on the blogs, Facebook and whatever else I still have up on the net. Ollie is learning more computer skills but he is no where at any level to keep up with requests and or emails. Trust me, it is a full time job just taking care of me.
 It is with great sadness that I must bid farewell to this wonderful art form called Tatting. I hope that I was able to show my love for the lace.
To Jane Eborall.. there is no excuse. I am sorry!
 I will be able to dance at the end of the next rainbow that comes my way.
Happy Tatting,
Teri TATBiT Dusenbury ♥
I had a slight health setback. They put corn in just about every type of processed food. I think I ate something that had cornmeal in it. Luckily, I am not deathly allergic to it. Being more diligent about reading labels.
 Trying to go through all my "stuff" and size down. Books are a problem. I love to read but can no longer read from paper. I have so many books but .... It is very frustrating trying to decide to get rid of printed material. I am not a yard sale type person. I was hoping to get Kyle to set up an eBay account to sell some of the stuff but I do not think that is happening. That eBay is a full time job that I do not even want to tackle again. Kyle deals with the public or people in general a bit better than I do. Ollie is on the other side of the scale and he is too friendly and easy going. Yes, over thinking everything.
 Looking for a pattern that I wrote over twenty years ago. I could buy another one but I have it.... somewhere... why can I not remember where? I found a bunch of stuff that I even forgot I had. More YARN!
 3-9-15 Feeling better now and almost bored to tears. I am vacuuming again even though I am completely exhausted afterward. There is more to life than housework but I am glad that I can at least do some of it.
 I am thinking about designing a caplet with tatting and beads. Being older now, I have old lady armpits which are kind of gross and not what I want to be the eye catcher when I am out with a no sleeve top or dress on.  Something to keep me busy and use up my bead stash. The caplet might be a combination of  crochet and tatting.  The crochet part will be net with maybe tat-beaded butterflies caught in it
2-5-15: I am starting to recover, slowly but surely. I decided that I was going to give up food that is not my friend. That is probably the first problem in thinking that food is a "friend" or a source of comfort.
 No eggs. Tried keeping chicken in the diet but what came first the chicken or the egg? If the egg is not good than why would the chicken be? It was not in my case.
 I gave up cheese. I love cheese. That was and will be a battle to keep from eating cheese again.
 No corn! What I have 30 cans of corn!
 I beat caffeine and soda! I'll never go back!
 I eat smaller portions, more often. Prunes are my friend and I must be part Klingon. You will only get that if you are an "old" Star Trek fan.
 I eat a mix of wild rice, brown rice, quinoa red & white. Sweet potatoes or yams, spinach and fish.
 Everything has to be gluten free too. It would be easier if their was a little wafer that could be eaten but that is besides the point.
 I am touching my beads again and thinking about making tat-bead crosses. I have found the pattern that I started years ago and having been trying to make heads or tales out of the pattern. 
 Day 3 of no caffeine...  Caffeine is an evil mistress. I decided to quit for good as I am having a particular painful "ibs" flair that has left me sobbing. THC to the rescue! When I think of all the suffering I have endure in the past. So glad it is legal! Healing slowly but surely. Not well enough to tat or bead.... yet!
I spent days trying to decide what magnifying swing arm lamp to purchase. Unfortunately, I chose wrong but will use the lamp until I can figure out what is my best option. Spent days wrestling with the swing arm clamp and you would think that after all these years they would have improved on the design but that is a big NO. I did not get a high enough diopter either and found that the lamp that fits my needs is in the $400 range. I need to be able to adjust the light's intensity, it has to be true light and of course the magnification is quite high. I wish I had looked at some of the low sight options first but as soon as "low sight or vision" is attached to the products description then the price goes up. The lamp I purchased would have been perfect ten years ago.
 I finally managed to find a wooden bar stool that the lamp would clamp onto and not fall over with the help of some heavy bead boxes to hold the stool steady, but not until I managed to drop one bead box on my foot. It has been a comedy of errors and tears.  I am tatting, although I spend too much time tying to figure out the bead color combination. Be sure to condition the bead thread first and also fix the ends with Fray Check! I have been using a better quality beading needle where the eye of the needle is sanded and smooth but I purchased shorts and I am accustomed to using the longer beading needles.
It was 27 degrees this morning! Magnifying lamp arrives today. 
18x4mm Disk
More tatting to come...
 I am still testing but trying to get patterns tested for size 20, 18, 15, 13 and 10mm round disks. I am hoping to get these finished before 2015 so that I do not have to change dates. Patterns are all done just testing the script. I am having a bit of a struggle taking pictures and if I can not get a decent picture then I will try scanning the examples.
 I bought myself a new magnifying lamp with a high diopter and I am hoping this will help. Fingers crossed! Will not arrive till next week.
 I am hoping everyone had a tat-happy holiday and are looking forward to the new year!
Here is one of the rosette armatures that I just finished while testing the written pattern. I have shown the front and the back side of the rosette. I used C-Lon Finer Weight TEX 135 in Silver and Dyna-mites 8/0 Inside Color Pink. These beads are Fire Mountain Gems economy bead. The Dyna-mites are not round, nor or they as nice as Miyuki's ROUND Delicas in 8/0s. These beads are not as uniform in size but are more for when one is learning to tat-bead the pattern and not wasting the more expensive beads in the process.

I found it easier to see through my good eye if I keep the clouded eye closed. That is easier said than done and I found I had to grimace to keep that eye closed. I bought an eye patch which I liked except the material it was made out of made my face itch. I then bought these opti-pads for kids with lazy eye syndrome. The adhesive pulled out my eyebrows and some of the skin off my nose. YIKES!. I am still smarting from trying to pull that patch off. I do not have that many eyebrow hairs to spare and I am definitely not into self-mutilation. Ouch! Kicking myself for thinking I could put that on my skin.
 I am working on checking the pattern script and I am almost finished with the version for the Tex135. I did try to photograph the rosette that I have finished but I did not really have one picture to share. I have a tendency to be drawn to the 8/0 beads that look like soap bubbles and they do not photograph that well.
 I am feeling a bit more comfortable tatting and do not get as frustrated as easily as before. Happy!

You're not the boss of me...
We had a little snow and the past few days were cold. Yesterday was my tipping point as I was cold to the bone and trying to remember the days I complained about the heat. We had the stove on all day.
 The coons are back and were fighting each other for the cat's food including the cat. I now bring the cat in to eat her food. The coons still come to the yard but I think that will soon stop too.
Happy Holidays!
We have not seen any raccoons in a couple of days. No, it can not be that easy!! It is the season for feeding critters left-over holiday fare so I am sure when the hand-outs stop we might see them again. I do have paw prints all over the front siding where they were trying to get inside through a window a few days ago. Kyle had to chase one of the babies away as it was getting a little too close for comfort while he was working in the yard. Bad, bad raccoons! Too friendly for their own good.
 I am working on the pattern script and "consistency"  is my biggest problem. I am the only one who will check the script this time round.
 We finally figured out how to get the Sony Camcorder connected to a monitor (just not through the computer). But of course not, as that would make my life so much easier! I thought I could use the zoom function of the camera via a monitor so that I would be able to see the tatting cord better, but it was more bother than help. The tripod was of no help and the camera is so heavy that keeping it level was not helping. I will try it one more time before giving it back to Kyle. I want to be able to SEE that TEX70 cord so that I can check the pattern script. I can barely see the 135 but may also try more magnification for the one eye. I am determined now, so I may be happy dancing soon. Thinking of getting an eye patch for the one eye that just sees the clouds in heaven. If I keep that eye closed I can see the written word better. Trying to keep it closed is the hard part. I have always wanted a third eye and maybe that will be in the cards for me in the future? Dear Santa....
The raccoons all have confused looks on their faces. Kyle is now in charge of the trash as he is not a soft touch like Ollie who could  never say no to critters or human alike. I stopped feeding the raccoons after Slipper passed. Ollie likes the wildlife and they sure love him.
 I am giving the camera a slight rest till I can figure out the best/easiest way to film and stop touching that lace or moving the camera.
 I have started to edit some of the patterns that I never finished. I am trying to get back into the pattern mode of thinking and using the software again.
 I spent an hour or so looking for the supplies needed to duplicate the pattern. I found that Artbeads had "green" goldstone and in the coin shape too. Too bad they did not also carry any 4 or 6 mm rounds. Slightly pricey but looked like a deal to me.... did I buy? That is how it starts, must use the beads I have...
No more cat kibble? But...
Kyle is trying to take back the "guest house" which has only housed possums, rats and wasps for a few years now. I used this two room shed to store lawn equipment and other stuff too good to throw out but not enough room in the main house to store.  I think the coons were living underneath the shed off and on for quite awhile too. I am not sure where the raccoons live now. We have decided to quit feeding all critters but the cat and she has to eat the food on the spot or miss out. Our yard has suffered in part due to my neck injury and those darn coons that made it dangerous to work in the yard. If I was outside, the dogs had to be outside too. Both dogs are gone now but at the time, both Marvin and Lily thought they were the size of elephants and had no fear and would take any critter in their yard on. Marv was already a vet's dream and I just did not want to take the chance that momma coon would stand and fight.  None of the dogs had any fur so those coon claws would make quick work of their hairless condition.  I am hoping the coons will go elsewhere and will not come back to have their litters. No food, no critters! This spring I want to paint the front porch and we are going to repair that deck.
Marvin & Lily
Bed Dogs
Chinese Crested Hairy-Hairless
 This is "Slipper" and her last baby. I can not really say how many litters Slipper had here on the property, but it was a lot. I can remember seeing her in the side yard for the first time and wondering what was wrong with her. She must have had a paw caught in a trap because her right paw was stiff and she could not use it. I did feel sorry for her at one time, but then I got to see just how vicious and fast she really was when a "rogue" male thought it would come into the yard.... be very afraid. One spring "Slipper" just did not come back and I was very sad. I always teased that I would make slippers from her fur but I would not. All the female babies she ever gave birth to here on the property have returned to have their babies.  Advice: Do not name them, do not feed them and never think they will not attack you as they are wild animals ALWAYS!

This is what the property next to ours looked like after they mowed all of the wild blackberry bushes down the first time. If you look closely you can see a deer over the fence line. I'll need to mosey on over to take some pictures of what it now looks like.
 When we first moved here there was a tree that was just 3 feet from our property line that I wish was on mine. A beautiful tree (fern-like with orange berries) and I loved the colors. The neighbors cut the tree down a few days back. With all the trees on that property this tree was the healthiest. I do not even see that it was in the way or would have cause a problem. Those other trees... hell yes! 
 Not the best picture, but seems to be the only one I ever took.

I ATE your comment form!

You may have noticed that the comment section was no where to be seen for awhile. Not sure what I did but I could not even get the form to show up on the stagnate page. Then I decided to start with a clean slate thinking that a comment was the cause of all my problems. Your guess is as good as mine as to why it all stopped working. I am not playing with it anymore... Have something to say use the "contact" form.


Yep, that is the main problem... they're so darn cute! Much to my shock and dismay, they greeted the mail carrier this morning. Ollie made a joke that they were our security "dogs". These little girls and their mother are starting to cause me concern as they usually run away but they are showing no fear whatsoever lately. How can you be mean to that face?
No Dancing! It always seems one step forward and then two steps back. My pdf embeds stop working "unless" one was signed into their "Google" account. So, I took all of them out and they will not return. Just have to click on the link and hope for the best. Feeling a bit "punk" the last two days. Trying to be sick is almost as hard as being sick. My earliest mosquito bite of the season... ouch!
 The people next door had an "open house" yesterday and all of the raccoons kind of lined up in plain sight to entertain those who came to view. Trust me, if you go to see a house and the  "critters" are sitting on your potential lawn..... run!
Happy Dancing!
Bug is fixed! Thank you Google!
Depending on many "variables" (which is the word for the day), I only have so much patience left after the daily grind to deal with the human race. There are certain "tatters" whom seem to enjoy poking me from time to time, whether it is a comment left on my blog, the FB Page or even in private messages. Me trying to figure out your damage and what motivates you has become a waste of my time. I can only come up with one reason and that there is something very wrong with you that you feel it a necessity to be rude and inconsiderate. If you are the impulsive type, try sleeping on that thought.  Yes, you are entitled to your opinions, just not necessarily on my blog, my FB page or via messages or email. Especially since you seem to be just stirring the "shit" (so to speak), and not necessarily contributing to any conversation in a helpful or intelligent manner.
Left Sidebar is GONE! I made font sizes a bit larger too. I made one post visible (at a time) on the main page so that there is only a small jump from the video embed. Until I get that "bug" issue dealt with that will just be the normal course of posts with embeds that the page will jump down to video after load.
Driving myself crazy trying to embed video into the blog posts. There is a known "bug" that causes the "iframe" to jump down to. I finally got the video player to adjust so that it would fit into the post. Happy dancing over that victory. Video that was 480p would play at their uploaded size and not at the auto 360p. More happy dancing. Plus, when I had the videos sitting on top of each other it just invited tatters to watch. Then all my victories turned to tears when I noticed the "bug". So, I am pissed that Google has not fixed this problem YET. I am running out of choices to place my videos!
 I now know more about "sugar" ants than I want to know. I did find out that the original ant hill was not on the property next door but catercorner and on a property that was also purchased by the new couple who bought the property next door.  I bet all of our neighbors are having "ant" issues.  Yes, we did contribute to ours but they would not have migrated if the owner had dealt with the hill in a proper manner. We bought "boric acid" and I have a lot of concerns as I am already blind in one eye. I am stressed!  Kyle will turn on his vacuum for one ant! Do they have ants in Kokomo?
 The neighbors that live about five feet away from us banged on their walls for the better part of the afternoon. I tend to over-think and was wondering if they were trapped and banging for help. Just what the heck was going on, so it was irritating. Maybe, they were killing ants with a sledgehammer? It is none of my business even though it seems as though they want to make it my business. I could live with no neighbors.
October 31, 2014
The boys will not stop "farting" while I am making videos. The first couple of times were kind of funny, but today I was not laughing. I spent the better part of the afternoon moving my camera equipment into the back room so that certain noises will not be picked up by the camera's microphone.
 I have also been trying to link some of the beads I have used back to bead stores that I purchased them from. I am flabbergasted that some of these stores are no longer carrying certain beads.... what?
 Two years ago, I bought a strand of Millefiori Heart Beads for $1 but you had to purchase 3-16inch strands so that came to $3. Today I see that just ONE strand of the same bead is $12.  Say what? Who can afford to bead?

October 27, 2014
Those dastardly raccoons got into a trash bag that had about 15lbs of flour in it. White flour everywhere! How do you throw out 15 pounds of flour at one time without making the trash receptacle too heavy? Not all at once, and we were trying to throw it out a bit at a time. It had been sitting out in the yard wrapped in black trash bags for a week or so without any trouble.
 We still have four raccoon babies and that can only mean that they are ALL females. Each female has the potential to produce 4 offspring x 5 and that could be 20 babies come spring. Please NO!
 We do not have dogs anymore so there is no worry about the dogs being attacked. Actually, raccoons will run unless they think they will win. We should have gotten a coon dog early on to keep them out of the yard. I get too attached to dogs and can not leave one to live outside as that seems cruel to me.
 Garfina is a "junk yard" cat. I tried to bring her inside but she could not grasp the concept of using a cat box and was too old to learn. A tough old broad who holds her own with the raccoons and "ninja" squirrels. Because we feed her, we have a raccoon problem. When Garfina goes to cat heaven, I am going to get rid of those coons!
October 26, 2014
Ugh! Just when I think I have the blog in order... Thanks FB! I am no longer going to upload videos to FB. It was a total waste of my time. I wonder if they wanted all the traffic to be just on FB?
 Now I am trying to upload the videos to other storage "drives" and linking to them. Pain-in-the-ARSE!
 We had quite the gale come through here last night, but at least we kept our electricity.  I love Fall!

October 21, 2014
Give ME all the FOOD!
I spent yesterday trying to fix what was still broken on the blog. There are a few margins that I would like to tweak but I better leave well enough alone. The comment form will not show on the main page.
 I made some font sizes smaller and most of the pictures are smaller after Kyle acted horrified at the sight of my blog pictures. Ok, they were a little bit "in your face" size. 
 I cleaned up continuity errors and made every thing a bit more uniform. Plus, I uploaded better versions of some pictures. 
 I am happy dancing!

October 19, 2014
♥ I am not a "freak" but a "geek"? Does that even need to be said?
♥ I am introverted to the 10th degree but will come out from under the rock when I feel I have something of import to say on tatting or crochet.
♥ I talk weird and use words that many have to look up in the dictionary to find the meaning of.
♥ I do not function properly in brightly lit environments, and I am particularly sensitive to noise.  I feel sound and sometimes it can be painful.
 ♥ I do not drive, ride in cars, take trains or fly. I am sensitive to movement and have the ability to turn my face into a wonderful shade of green after five minutes of not having my feet placed firmly on the ground.
♥ If I had my way, I would be bald at all times.  Me being bald freaks everyone out, so I have been growing my hair out. I have better things to do than mess with hair. I have not brushed or combed my hair in days... hate hair! Off with the hair! Do I care what people think about my hair, not really. I want to be sociably acceptable, but if that means being tortured by a head of hair... no! That is one reason why I designed crochet hats, so when out in public I can cover my "dome" of glory with a stylish crochet hat!
♥ It is beyond exhausting to communicate in a "face to face" situation with another human being. I rehearse (in my head) every possible conversation that I might encounter so that I have the correct response or can react in a socially acceptable manner.  My goal is to get the person that I am having to interact with to do their JOB so that I will get the end results that I need.  Do your JOB! By the time my mind is processing that thought I have lost control over mind and body. I can not help that my body is in a complete flop sweat and my eyeball is twitching so badly that I have to place my hand over it to keep the eyeball from popping out of the socket. That is me trying to cope with you not doing your job. It is exhausting being me and dealing sociably when there is no handbook that any one person follows.  OK  I am freak at times... do your job!
♥ Another trait is that I have a rigid thinking processes and I only concern myself with what is "truth". There is "truth" and then there is "false".  The grey area is far too vast and whomever is in control of drawing the line should probably not be holding the chalk.  If you know the "truth" than how can you support what is "false"?  The justification is the grey area?  "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  Such a beautiful sentiment and an easy one to implement into one's daily life. If you know the truth but perpetuate the lie, how do you live with yourself?
♥ I know every tatter wants me to "shut up" about copyrights. Ollie wants it to stop, my girlfriends do not want to hear another word about it. Enough is enough, do you not think I know that! I get it! It is so hard to get myself to stop, especially when I know the "truth"? It is the "principle of the matter".
   When an elephant is prodded with a sharp end of a stick eventually the person carrying the stick is going to get stomped.  It is difficult to ignore the "triggers" and it does not help when I am being constantly prodded with a sharp end of a stick. Stop it! I will no longer say another public word on this issue. I am now finished with the hissy fit, and it is probably a good idea not to "prod" the elephant further as I know which path to take.
♥ I just want to put up my "legacy of lace" and enjoy this time, the blog, the lace and tatting. Please allow me that joy...  If you are curious about "Asperger's Syndrome", there are many, many articles available on the Internet...TATBiT
October 18, 2014
Twenty-four years ago today, Ollie and I moved into this house. It went by so quickly!
October 17, 2014
I spent an hour trying to find a text editor like "Notepad" that allows the user to change the background to black and the text white. MS is always going on about "Ease of Access" but some of their stuff is non-compliant. Easier not harder. It is not about being trendy it is about being able to see.
 Ollie and I are battling ants. I hate bugs period, makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. There are no bugs that I rarely even find interesting besides butterflies. I have been in charge of the kitchen for over 20 years and I never had a bug infestation. Hand the reigns over to the boys and all hell breaks loose.
 The person who lived in this house prior had custom cabinets built. The guy had to be a giant because I can barely reach the second self of any of the wall mounted cabinets. The doors on them were attached with this nifty hinge but I found that the doors can easily fall off that hinge if not properly aligned. I had one door decide to come unhinged while I was just walking by the cabinet, hitting me squarely on the head causing me to actually see stars! A child might have been seriously injured if hit on the head by one of these doors as they are quite hefty. All of the doors came off that day. I might have been over zealous but that was a wake-up call. Since the doors were special order, getting a different type of hinge that was counter sunk....easier not harder. 
 The person who decided where and how the cabinets were placed never spent any time in a kitchen. Placement was only for the look not the practically.
 The boys also would open new containers when an opened container already existed. A lot of food was thrown out yesterday. Some I feel badly about as it is a waste.
I was especially pissed about my cocoa powder stash, Kyle!

 My belly hurts!

 Ours, too!
Not babies anymore!
I put the ant infested containers out in the trash and the raccoons got in the trash last night. I bet there are some raccoons not feeling so grand this morning. Just desserts!
 Ollie finally found the ants holy ground, an opened brown sugar package, thanks Kyle!
  The cupboards needed cleaning out and inventory taken of what we have so a small point for the ants but they will be annihilated soon. As God is my witness, I will never have ants again!
 It is never just one thing going on in my life but a multitude of the mini-issues that have potential to turn into one huge problem.
October 16, 2014
I was once an Army wife and besides learning to "iron" creases into uniforms, "spit" polishing boots, or trying to understand the rules behind who can "fraternize" with who (what?), I learned how to use a P38. Every person in your family should know how to use this little gadget (military can opener), even children. 
 I think all human beings consider themselves survivalist and there are some who are at the Z end of the scale. I am probably at a C. I have items set aside for the "big" earthquake that may or may not happen. I purchased camping items because I had dogs that would not be allowed in a shelter. Do I matter more than my pets? I also had kids and if mom and dad were crushed under the roof of the house, I wanted these kids to have supplies available immediately so that they could take cover and cope. We all learned how to start a fire (without flint) and make do in a "survivalist" manner until help arrives. Help just might not come, so it would be prudent to not rely on a notion that a first responder is going to save us in a time of crisis. Look at the bigger picture.
 Ebola! I seriously did not think that ebola was going to be the pandemic that would cause the thinning of the herd. I suspected that it would be TB but I always thought the pandemic would originate from Africa. 
 I do read on-line news and I have kept my eye out for stories about outbreaks. Weird morbid curiosity or keeping informed? Ebola caught my eye around the end of July with a small blurb on a lesser known news service outlet. At that point, the outbreak was considered out-of-control.  I had a red flag rising. I guess the only flag our President saw has been on the golf course. Now it could be that the President was not informed until much later...?
 Whenever I am stressed about world events that may eventually effect me, I buy cans of corn. I was trying to remember what the last reason was that prompted me to purchase 75 cans of corn but I did. I can also open them using a P38. It is a carb, has enough liquid to quench a thirst and I do not have to cook it. Another handy canned item would be refried beans. Beans are protein and you do not have to cook that either. Have some hot sauce in your food kit and you have a meal that will not only fuel your body but the gas will keep your butt warm. Do not forget chocolate.  Yes, I did eat that corn. I think I may have 10 cans left so it is time to buy more canned corn and refried beans... toot-toot!
October 15, 2014
Every time I moved my head at a certain angle yesterday, I experienced vertigo. A spinning head without a night ride on the whiskey train? How is that fair?  I do not drink alcohol, but in much younger days I had a few tickets on that train and remember being in a whiskey-swirl. My attempt at humor when the subject is not funny but quite upsetting.
 The hardest part yesterday was to remember not to tilt my head that way. I think a nerve is being pinched in my neck, here after my neck was doing so much better. I did hear a new and interesting "pop" the other night,  could that have something to do with it? Necks are fragile, and I wish I had taken better care of mine while younger.  I was very "freaked" out yesterday, but today it is like what else is going to go wrong with my body. Download me into a newer model because this one is about finished.
 Some tatters might want to consider the bigger picture when conversing with me. I am trying to deal health issues, construction issues, bug issues, and those raccoons, on top of all the blogging issues. My goal is to get my tatting affairs in order. I can have the patience of a "tsetse fly" especially when my world is spinning out of control... Be thoughtful and do not accuse me of causing the demise of tatting if you do not get your way... really?
October 11, 2014
I am happy dancing! I managed to fix what was making the border to jump up while the page was loading. Pesky images.
 Miserable day with the construction next door. They started at 7am and made this horrible noise that I could feel in my back teeth. I was at the point of going mad and it stopped. Hopefully, they were not just finished for the day but finished with that task period.
 Still playing with the camera. I think my last video was the wrong color. Trying to get the lighting correct has me confused. I might have some new videos soon.
October 9, 2014
The comment form is working, one must click on "post or page" and scroll to bottom to see it. I have tried to put a background and even change the text color to black but with no luck.
October 8, 2014...
For some "damn" reason, I managed to corrupt the "comments" form, etc. I can not even get anything but the "edit pencil" to show at the end of each post.
 Some of my margins need tweaking but I am just going to let everything alone for now. So glad I was able to fix the majority of the blog because it was looking very dire.
 The "contact me" form does work but one will have to scroll down to almost the bottom of the left side-bar.
I still have photocopying to do and I want to make some videos of my tat-bead jewelry. 
 Hopefully, that will be something a few of you tatters will be looking forward too!
September 20, 2014
You might be seeing the blog archive widget sitting at the top left side for the next couple of days. I am trying to get the Google search widget to work within the blog. This should help tatters search within the blog for what they are looking for. It would have been a lot easier on me if I had done so from the get-go.
 I do test links, sometimes the link url has an error, but I believe I  have all the links working properly now.
 The camera arrived today and it is so nice not to worry about it. It is my red metallic sports car that I never had. Very flashy and I just love the look. I am impressed as the image screen and the text are big enough for me to actually see without having to use a magnifying glass. I am excited.
While reading the manual, I came across a question that I had posed during a few of my video chats and what was causing that banding effect during taping. I thought it was some sort of electronic interference from the fans or dishwasher. It turns out that it was caused by the light bulbs. Ollie was in the kitchen during many videos and he had the fluorescent overhead on. The light nearest the camera was mercury-vapor. Mystery solved.
September 19, 2014
The day before yesterday our electricity was supposed to shut down so that the lines could be repaired. Between 8 and 4pm with the repair taking up to 4 hours. The waiting began and I hate waiting. First we had all the electronics off. Then we made a game of it trying to guess when it would go out. The electricity was never shut off.
 My camera was suppose to be delivered yesterday. No camera. Where is my camera? If those raccoons have my camera! 
 Some of my video links did not work yesterday but I fixed the problem...
September 15, 2014
The tide has changed, Kyle received his monitor today. The delivery guy looked scared as our yard looks like hillbilly central with the faint sound of dueling banjos in the background. I hear a faint hello.... He was probably thinking that we have dogs, no just coons! He looked very relieved when I came to the door. Just glad that strife is over and I do not have worry about jumping through more hoops.  
September 12, 2014

For the past two days I have been wearing the wrong glasses. Everything was extra fuzzy and even doubled. So glad that I noticed while cleaning them, but only after two days of...
   Lots of changes to both blogs, so I can see them better with the right glasses on. I had to find codes and even write code to make text and pictures do what I wanted. Can not believe how much code is just plain wrong. Got it figured out and I like what I see...
 Here I thought I was drawing more attention to my crochet, but it was counting the new computer. I guess it really does not matter in the long run. 
September 11, 2014
Sears Stove
That raccoon holding Kyle's monitor was pretty funny. I would not put it past those critters stealing it off the porch but we went back and looked.
 The claim did not take as long as stated and we have been approved to get a replacement. I wonder if they will use the same carrier? There were a few days of stress over this but stuff happens...
 I bought a new camera. It takes 1080HD videos and has auto functions. I love my Kodak but it just does not meet my needs anymore. Sad to leave Kodak behind but I went with Nikon.
September 9, 2014
Kyle bought a new monitor that was suppose to be delivered yesterday. It is a new carrier that I had not heard of prior to having my new PC delivered by them. The monitor never arrived; however, they posted that it was delivered to the door. The front door was open all day in anticipation of the delivery, and.... (Meanwhile, the raccoons are laughing in the background as they have absconded with the monitor.) Not happy as I had to jump through many hoops just to file a claim. I'll have to wait a week for them to just review the claim. The shipping company did not even answer my email. It is not the "yellow bird" of happiness but the "blue bird". I guess the yellow bird means? Go back to bed?
September 8, 2014
Kyle at 21
Hot and miserable yesterday. Everything I did was wrong, and I am glad that days like yesterday are few and far between. I managed to pull another muscle, so my rib injury does not hurt as much now.
 I have the Surface back and I was trying to download a different browser other than BING. At first, I was able to get to the Google Chrome site, but I downloaded the 32 bit instead of 64. Surface would not allow the installation. Then when I tried to get back to the site, Surface gave me 404 or not able to connect. That is evil. HATE SURFACE! 
 I am back to using my Kodak camera with video. The frustration is that the view screen is small and the output is in MOV. I then have to encode it. Because my font is so large the software that I use to encode does not function well in the higher font range. I have to change my font back, reboot just to be able to use that software. Lately, it just seems like it is always something. I like the camera's image better than the Surface. I guess the Surface might be the better device used for Skype. NOT FOR INTERNET BROWSING, especially if you have to use BING. 
 I saw my yellow bird of happiness today so everything in life should be improving, or was that an extraterrestrial? Why is Ollie not around when I see these unusual sightings? 
September 4, 2014
Walk that plank! More like run...
The TV arrived today and it is the perfect monitor! I CAN SEE! So happy, and I should have gotten a new device sooner. 
 I wish I had taken a picture of the plank when it was low tide. The plank is very scary to walk down and a chore to walk up during the lowest tide. My knees shake going up or down and it doesn't help when everyone is in such a gosh darn hurry. I am always afraid that I will lose my balance and fall in the drink.    That water is so blue and COLD. They say you have about 5 minutes to get out of the water before hypothermia sets in. I always think about that tidbit half way across. Can I swim that expanse in five minutes time? Actually, now that I am thinking about it, they tore this dock down and put a steel docking in. So, it is stairs and no longer a plank that is fixed on one end. Kind of takes the fun out of it, but I guess it is safer. Ollie and I will have to go down to the waterfront to walk around because it has been ages since we have done that. I know they have painted new murals on some of the walls and I can take video with the Surface. Make that a low-tide day and it will be worth hiking up and down Sidney.
LOWEST Tide of the year...
  Do not try this! If I had thought about the consequences of trying to walk out to the buoy Ollie and would have never tried to. That is Black Jack Creek that runs into the Sinclair Inlet. No telling how deep that actually is and the current was swift. It is also a salmon run. If something is underwater.... it was like quicksand and Ollie went up to his knees and I had a hard time pulling him out. Thank goodness we did not have to be rescued. I was just not thinking and got all caught up in the low-tide and how I wanted my picture taken by that buoy. As we were walking out there I wondered why no one else was hiking out to the buoy... doh! 
September 3, 2014
Marvin Gardens
Yesterday the new computer arrived. Yippee! So quiet compared to the HP that had fan problems and made a lot of noise at times. The TV will be here tomorrow, and with finger's crossed some of my eyesight problems will improve. 
 The Internet was out all day and hampered me getting some of my software reactivated on this machine. I am pooped!
 One of my hard drives is acting weird so I moved everything off it. Came across a picture of the day we got Marvin. Look at his face, look at mine. Marv was so excited that he tinkled for the first ten minutes. I think he knew that we were good guys and that he was home. Miss that boy! Wish I could have another dog...
August 31, 2014
Bald as a baby's butt!
Trying to figure out the next step to replacing the laptop was overwhelming. I got dehydrated which is never a good thing, I think I am back to whatever normal is. 
 Ollie is getting my computer, which is a pretty darn good system even though a couple of years old, it just lacks some of the peripheral connections that I need. It has a 1TB hard drive and runs Win7. Ollie will appreciate that it is setup and he can go back to normal without too much effort. I think he will like the bigger monitor too.
 That Surface tablet is a nightmare. BING is even more scary, and so far I have not explored how to get Foxfire on it. POP-UPS be DAMNED. I had no idea how bad the Internet can be because I have ad blockers and allow no pop-ups.
 I bought a new computer and screen. I decided to keep the WIN7OS and did not purchase a known brand computer either. I went with a check list and if I could click off all what I wanted then that was the computer for me, and I didn't have to spend mega-bucks either. I bought a tv instead of a monitor. I do not play video or online games so the tv screen was a better choice. Plus, I got an LED screen so maybe, my glare problems will be eliminated. It would have been nice to get a plasma but we'd have to mortgage the house in order to pay for it... 
August 27, 2014
Can we just factory reset the day? Ollie's cpu on his laptop died a horrible death, and almost taking everything kept on his laptop with it. 
 Save on the external drive! I was just thinking that it was going to be a wonderful day, when Ollie says his screen is black.
 Kyle got the hard drive out and Ollie luckily was able to transfer his files to an external hard drive.
 Guess who is starting to love that Surface Tablet... Ollie. He can watch his baseball games and surf the net with no problems.
 Ollie is 63 and he has perfect vision, although deaf as a doornail. We are the perfect couple, even though at times if I have to repeat myself one more time...
 I am trapped once again in computer specs hell and which computer should be purchased. It is an endless money pit, too. 
 It is hot, my head hurts, and a slice of home-grown tomato sounds divine...   
August 26, 2014
Did you know that the Surface RT is small enough to throw out the window?
 Yeah, I am not happy over my purchase at all. Between constant updates, that I do not even want, but must download because nothing seems to work otherwise. And the inability to get a decent video, which was the whole point of purchasing the tablet. I am not feeling the joy of the tablet experience right at this moment.
 Kids may be able to operate the tablet easier, but it is the over forty crowd that have more disposable income, so I would make them easier. Maybe, an android would have been a better fit???
 The microphone picks up the crows squawking, Kyle cooking in the background and the rush of the fans, but I can barely be heard over the din and I am closest to the microphone. 
 Plus, all of my files are suppose to be automatically uploaded to my ONE drive, that is a big fat no. 
 All other household tech, other than the Surface, is connected to wi-fi but I have to reboot the wi-fi for the Surface to reconnect leaving everyone else to be interrupted.
 The power cord does not want to stay connected. I should have purchased the Ipad, and said goodbye to MS. 
  I now have to have my font at 200% and a lot of software will not work properly. It is sad, and I find myself crying more, but it can always be worse.
  There is a porta-potty right outside our main windows.... see! 
August 25, 2014
By trying to make things easier for myself, I made everything much harder. The tablet has few options for ease of access and is not for people who have problems seeing -8pt fonts... really? I should have done a bit more homework in that regard. I let Kyle convince me that the Surface RT was my ticket in price range and for the camera function. I would send it back, but I have spent so much time getting it setup etc. that I am just going to try to make the most of it.
 What gets my goat is that MS knows of the problems with the software, gives no fixes or explanations as to what is a simple fix. Error code I received was not included in the error codes on tablet. When I tried to log on using my MS account I was denied and given a local account that one can do next to nothing with. I spent hours trying to figure the fix. I even put the error code into search to see if I could find out the problem. Of course, I was not even in the realm of search results because my query was not worded exactly. Five hours later, in near tears, Kyle just types the error code and finds that the tablets date and time needed to be synchronized to our server's date and time. Something that simple should have been stated. Yeah, I am angry about it. Then I had to download 95 updates that took over 6 hours to update, configure and restart many times. This is all before I could even update to 8.1. The update was a little quicker. If you are older, have trouble seeing, just walk on by the Surface RT. Some one needs to make a tablet for us seniors.
 Next horrible problem was that the video I took TATBiT's Rhyolite Topaz Cross Show and Tell was taken in portrait mode. I could actually see what I was videoing. The trouble began when I imported the video onto my computer and the video was sideways. Doh! I went through some frustration, managed to rotate the video, but then it was encoded as a WMV. I then had to re-encode to MP4 and found that I had lost much of the quality of the video. Back to tears, and an early night to sleep on it.
 Uploaded sideways video to drive and Google rotated the video for me, no loss of quality. No messing with encoding. Thank you Google! Also, watch widescreen, click on settings and click on quality and click 720p instead of 360p.
August 24, 2014
I am writing this from my tablet. I almost did not have  the basic knowledge  needed to set up the tablet. I was very frustrated, easier not harder! Seriously, 95 updates? Hopefully, the frustration level will be nil from this point further.  Most of my frustration was the 8pt font used.... seriously!
August 22, 2014
My Surface Tablet has been shipped! Very excited about all the possibilities that will bring.
  Here are a few more of my banners from past blogs and websites. 
 To produce this banner was not as easy as it may appear... Hours, upon hours...
 Very hard to see the writing on this banner.
A little bit better...
August 21, 2014
I believe that TATBiT TaTs was on WordPress.
I was just learning to draw in Word when I made this header.
 I have gone by so many different monikers. The Lover's Knot was one title. I should have thought that title over better as I got a lot of porno spam. The Tatting Guru was another title that I used for awhile. TATBiT TaTs was short lived. TATBiT's Turtle Cove was where I sold my turtle pins. TATBEADOLOGY not to be confused with... (if I knew by calling my Tumblr blog TATBEADOLGY would have caused the shit storm it did, I would have thought twice.) I changed my Tumblr blog name over to If Knot For You, which was a better fit. Knot Just Another Hat is also one of my creations. Tat Perfect Lace, TALES Behind the Chain Link, and TATtle TALES Now and Forever. I have more of these headers it is just finding them.
 I found quite a few letters that I wrote to other tatters, and even a few to Lael Morgan. I wrote mostly using contractions and it makes me cringe when I read these letters, I probably would not have written me back either. I have learned from my mistakes and try not to dwell on past mistakes, but learn from them and move forward. I may insert these letters here and there. My ego is not so big that I can even laugh about it too... 
 My Surface Tablet should be here on Saturday, and I am looking forward to that.
August 20, 2014

  I am fascinated by low tides... Pictured is a low, stinky, tide at the marina. I especially like seeing gooey ducks on the rocks below.

Wow! Look at that sky! I always feel small when I am down at the water's edge. These were the original foot ferries that we rode to Bremerton, when we first moved to Port Orchard. I enjoyed riding this low to the water, when crossing the inlet to Bremerton. Sometimes, the back of the boat would be open, and it was very romantic.   
 Every time I rode these ferries across, the water was smooth as glass. I do not believe that I would have enjoyed the ride if there was any chop. That was many years ago when I was younger. Now, I turn green as soon as I get on the water. I took this picture because of the low tide. 

  Whomever owned the boats had put them up for sale, when the city decided to go over to the bigger boats. I seriously considered buying one of these boats to put in the side yard, as a summer retreat or some place to be outside and yet out of the sun. Just the logistics of getting the boat to my house and over the fence... I could buy a new house... It would have been cool. I am sure the raccoons would have thought so too.
August 19, 2014
Love this picture of my mother. Not very many pictures of her being whimsical or smiling.  
 That is me at the Grand Canyon, and my mom looks like she wants to throw me in.
 Actually, we both have the same look on our faces.

How funny is this picture? No Grand Canyon in the background, but the look on our faces... priceless!
 Still looking for that one cross. While searching, I found two more crosses that are without necklaces.
 It is going to be another hot day! 
August 18, 2014...

It is so hot at this moment, that I can not even imagine having that hair today. My hair would only hold a curl for about an hour. Usually, my hair was in a wet braid. Eventually, I had enough of messing with it and off it came!
 It was so bright outside, I could barely see. I believe that was the only time that hair-cut looked good. I never use a hairdryer, and that do was impossible without one. The background is Seattle. I love taking the big ferries, it is the foot ferry from PO to Bremerton that has me barfing.

Seattle Ferry

Port Orchard Foot Ferry

  I am now looking for that one cross that needed a necklace. I will try to bead a necklace for it. I went through some of my finished jewelry, checking to see that none of the acid free bags had been compromise.
 While checking the necklaces, I was amazed at how small all of the tat-bead motifs really are. No wonder I am almost blind! 
 I wonder how well some of the archive's books are faring? Thinking about selling some of the books (that I paid for), that are rare and hard to come by. I can no longer read them and what is the point of keeping them when someone else could enjoy? 
 We have outgrown our house. I have thought of having a yard sale, but then I would have to be social and the thought of people haggling over my stuff does not appeal to me. Too much stuff!


Ready For The Roof
August 17, 2014

I was looking for that hat during the winter, as I wanted to write the pattern down. I think I put this kitty hat in the survival container we have in case there is a major earthquake. We started to put emergency supplies outside when we found out they do not allow dogs in shelters. I get it, but I would not leave my animals to suffer. Sometimes, I put stuff in the container that I think will bring me comfort in a horrible situation.
 I remember when they had that huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Kyle wanted me to get on the roof of our house. There was no way in hell that I was getting on our roof, let alone be able to stay because of the pitch! We live too far inland for a tsunami to get to the height were I would have to even think about getting on the roof. If I had to get on the roof, that is definitely the hat I would want to be wearing!
August 16, 2014

The hammers started at 7:30am and on a Saturday to boot...
 A lot of these cropped watercolors are pictures that I did for Ollie... some are naughty :O
 A little nervous about the Surface purchase, and hope it works out...
August 15, 2014
  The hammers started at 8:30am, there should be a law against construction in a residential area before 9am.
"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"
  I have been trying to compensate for my ribcage injury, and now everything else is out of whack and howling. My neck and back were barking worse that the ribs yesterday. I was seriously thinking about going to the Marijuana Store to get some pain relief. That is a slippery-slope and one I do not want to start, as the pain is not that bad. So glad these stores are not within walking distance... :)
 I have been looking for a new video cameras for days, reading reviews and learning the new lingo. Very frustrating to say the least, I am always trying to get Kyle to figure it out for me, but he says I know more when it comes to cameras.
 My concern was getting the video into the computer. My computer was probably obsolete before I even purchased it and it is only a couple of years old now.
 Kyle suggested Google Glass, which was a good idea until I saw that the Glass I could afford was sold out, so I went no further down that road.
 I decided to get a Surface Notebook instead of a very expensive camera/video with all the bells and whistles. I realize that an Apple Ipad was probably a better choice, except that I am a Windows kind of gal and I still want to use my Win7 computer. 
 I did not get the latest Surface Pro but the Surface that only takes 720p pictures and video as appose to the 1080p HD. The video may not be as crisp, but good enough for my Show and Tells. Plus, I should be able to see the video live through the screen just fine. Finger's crossed that this purchase is the right one.
 I am working on getting the Tatter's Archive Public Domain Tatting Patterns PDF Links up, which is a monumental task.
 I, also, have some other Archive articles to share. I want to talk about Orr's Secret Split-Ring Patterns and the Knotted Picots pattern that I found. I have published a PDF version but when I read it last, I could no make heads or tales out of what even I was saying. What does that say?  
August 14, 2014

I tried my best to connect that Sony camera to the IBM. That is a big fat NO.
  I know a little more camera lingo. I think the bottom line is, I am screwed. Unless I update some of my hardware and or software, it is unlikely I will get any camera to stream to my computer. Hear Ollie in the background screaming that is how they get you?
 I do not own a smart phone. I hate talking on the phone, period. Don't even answer the cell I have now. I can think of a million other things I'd rather do, even clean the toilet, than talk on the phone. So, I do not have that device to use in order to capture video off a new camera. Easier instead of harder you techno geeks who create everything.
 I could install a firewire into the computer I am using now, but I am not sure if that would be the easiest solution. I was thinking I should upgrade to Win8.1 or even get a MAC. It is starting to turn into a money pit.
 We live on a dead end street. The lot next to our house was vacant for about 30 years. Huge blackberry bushes once resided there until someone bought the land. How they managed to get a license to build four family lots on a plot that can only hold one is beyond me. They have started construction. Please God, help me through this. Beep, beep, beep from the trucks backing out. Some of the smells coming from the site are not healthy, and I am convinced that one stench probably causes cancer. I am not sure how our dead end can support any more traffic as the average household has two or more cars already.
August 12, 2014

Yesterday was so hot, I did next to nothing but read camera specs... yawn! 
 I am stubborn, I do not want to spend money to buy new when I have a couple of perfectly good cameras now. 
 All the newly availably cameras on the market, that do what I want, cost almost $1 grand. Do you know how many beads that will buy? That is my gold standard for all things...
 The 8mm will not work on my Win 7 computer, but I bought a refurbished IBM, a couple of years ago, that runs WinXP. It is faster than the computer I currently use. I can not connect it to the Internet though. I will also have to trade off my monitor so that the IBM can use it. No biggy! Kyle and I spent the day trying to find all the right wires and cords needed. I have yet to clean up a space for it all, I sure hope it works when I have everything set up.
 Today is slightly cooler than yesterday, and there are thunderstorms threatening. I don't like thunder and lighting. We had one huge thunderclap and rumble last night, that if Marv was still here we'd both be hiding in the shower...
 Trying to finish the SHUTTLES page, but the formatting is jumping all over the place. Ugh! No patience for that nonsense, so I doubt that will be finished anytime soon.
 Besides gardening, which I do not do anymore as it was literally becoming a full-time job, I taught myself how to use watercolor pencils. I started using really cheap pencils, and most of what I did is now fading.. boo-hoo. I had wanted to paint a portrait of myself, daughter and granddaughters, but there was a kink in the cha-cha line with some personality conflicts to boot so... 
 I can paint very well in mono-tones, it is when color tones come into play that I struggle. Also getting eyes the same size gets me flustered. 
 One of my grandsons totally believed (at the time I drew these), that Big Foot lived in my back yard. I drew as many relatives as I had pictures of with...
 I think I captured Kyle...
Ollie is always having way too much fun!
SIL - Both look like they are not sure about the other...
Up the nose shot... and we are not having fun... Nana Trout is the name I signed my artwork for the g-kids.
With grandson no2.
Grandson no3's who inherited the cow lick gene from his Nana. I think this is the first BF I did.
Ty with a mustache.
Luc as a borg... I am the scary grandmother. 

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