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TATBiT's 24kt Iris Gold Mini-Cross Necklace
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Sending Out An S.O.S.

Not the best video... I tat better than I film but I vow to get better at it. This is now the second version as I was able to give more light to the video with video editing software. 

TATBiT's 24kt Iris Gold TATBead Cross Necklace "Sending Out An S.O.S" Video Link

Materials: 11/0 Delicas 24k Iris Gold DB501 (it is the number that counts), 3mm and 4mm Czech Fire Polished Rounds in Crystal Celsian, 4mm and 8mm Czech Druks in Translucent Luster Pink, 6mm Rose Gold Picasso Flat Squares, and C-Lon Micro TEX70 Nylon Thread in Rose.

 This is actually a scan.

This is the last video taken with the Kodak camera. I have always stated that I heavily manipulate my scans and or photographs. I am a much better graphic artist than I am a photographer. It is all about the lighting.

   Bead manufacturers and bead stores need to make it easier not harder. Those Delicas are now called something completely different than when I purchased mine. The number is the key.

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