Tatting Butterfly Patterns
Tatting Butterflies

 This book is out of print now... why? I guess it was not returning enough revenue. All rights reverted back to me and I am happy. New and used copies are still available. The script is line-by-line which makes the pattern easier to follow. Prior to the book these designs were published via the newsletter. I kind of like the newsletter version best. I have thought about revising the book and making it available as an ebook download, but that would be a lot of work.

 I am trying to think of what this thread was called and it escapes me now. I know this size was no longer being manufactured. If I could find a suitable thread in a large size, I would still tat. I had the TEX400 out and I was able to see that nylon cord.

 This was tatted with a size 20 six cord and a gold filament thread.

I am the first to admit that these butterflies are not the easiest to tat. Practice!

TATtle TALES Newsletter 1992 Butterfly Patterns Link 

TATtle TALES Newsletter 1993 Butterfly Patterns Link

 Bracelet patterns included in the book.

A few of these butterflies were the last projects I tatted. I still tat the little butterfly motif from time to time.

UPDATE: As I am spending five hours looking through everything on four drives, I come across three videos I made during this period of time. They are awful, except for the information I gleaned. The butterfly above has a center ring. The three rings, two lower wings and the butte. Do butterflies have buttes? No... Those three rings are mock rings or a chain to look like a ring. It is far easier to throw rings off the mock ring because they are just rings. No turning the work to tat a directional ring. I am talking about making those three rings split rings and throwing directional rings off the lark's head portion. However, just looking at the pictures I am unable to tell if I actually did what I was saying in the video. I just might have to revisit that book and turn it into something better. These examples were tatted using C-Lon Tex 135 Fine Weight.

I was taking notes but they will have to be scanned at another time. I believe I was using the Riego Join and the butterflies were finger tatted, and I used C-Lon in tex135. Butterflies would make nice ornaments on a tabletop sized tree.

 Butterfly tatted in Tex 210. This is one of my crochet bags made to hold tatting.

 This is the fixed end of the bag.

 Side opening.

 Tatting supplies.

Fits perfectly.

Crochet around this empty bottle.

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©1992-1997 by Teri Dusenbury.

Happy Tatting!

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