Tatted Turtle Eye Candy
Eyeglass Leashes

Dream Turtle Eyeglass Leash - Blue Goldstone

As you can see, the color is all over the place where the C-Lon Micro Beading Thread is concerned. The turtle scans darker, because it is further away from the glass bed, and the rings are flat upon the glass and scan truer color until I add light so that you can see the turtle. In hand, this is so full of sparkle that I'm sure I'll get lots of comments when I wear it out. Materials: C-Lon Micro (Tex70) Nylon Cord in Light Copper, Blue Goldstone (man-made) 3mm rounds, Blue Goldstone Hearts (man-made) 4mm, Delica Silver Lined Peach 11/0 (DB622), White 14mm Round Cat's Eye (man-made) Cabochon.

Dream Turtle Eyeglass Leash - Leopardskin Jasper

Materials: C-Lon Micro (Tex70) Nylon Cord in Grey, Czech Fire Polished Faceted 3mm rounds Grey/Pink, Delicas Opaque Rainbow Matte Coffee 11/0 (DB1525), Leopardskin Jasper Cabochon Natural 16mm Flat-back Round, 12mm Puffed Leopardskin Jasper Heart. Turn your eyeglass leash into a necklace the easy way! Lobster-claw closure, Leopardskin Jasper 8mm chunky hearts. Alternative S hook closures.

Dream Turtle Eyeglass Leash - Patriotic Heart

Materials: C-Lon Micro (Tex70) Nylon Cord in Capri, Czech Pressed Glass Ruby Red Hearts 6.5x6x4mm, Delicas Transparent Matte Blue 11/0 (DB748), Dyna-mites 8/0 Transparent Ruby Red Seed, Dyna-mites 6/0 Transparent Ruby Red Seed.

 Those cat's eye or fiber optic round beads just glow!

Dream Turtle Eyeglass Leash - Meow!

 Materials: Opaque Rose DB-1371 11/0, 13mm Jade Slug, Cat's Eye (Fiber Optic) 4mm Round in Light Green, C-Lon Micro (Tex70) Nylon Cord in Peridot. Meow! Cat's Eyes two thumbs up!

Dream Turtle Eyeglass Leash- Southwestern Turtle

Materials: C-Lon Micro (Tex70) Nylon Cord in Flax, Miyuki Seed 8/0 Bronze Lined Aqua, Delica Opaque Turquoise Green 11/0 (DB658), 15mmX5mm Serpentine Natural/Dyed Coin.

 I wore this one for awhile.

 Love the raku look of these beads.

TATBiT's Dream Turtle Eyeglass Leash Pattern Link

 This is the Sassy Fabric Coin Turtle Eyeglass Leash.

Materials: Delicas 11/0 DB922 Lined Crystal Shimmering Pink (look purple to me!), C-Lon Micro (Tex70) Nylon Cord in Peridot.

 Love millefiori beads period!

 Yep, I wore this one for awhile, too.

 Dream Turtle Eyeglass Leash - Mellow Yellow

Materials: C-Lon Micro (Tex70) Nylon Cord in Peridot, Miyuki Seed 8/0 Matte Transparent Yellow AB DB085, Miyuki Square 3.5mm Transparent Frost Rainbow Yellow, Delica Transparent Rainbow Matte Butter 11/0(DB854), 13mmX5mm Jade Slug.

 Love those fiber optic beads!

More fiber optic beads please!

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