A TATTING Parable 👁---ӂ

A Tatting Parable...
In a land far, far away
There was a lady
Who saw a butterfly
The lady wanted the butterfly
The lady did not possess the key 🔑
To unlock 🔒 the mysteries
Behind the magic/* shuttle 👁---
How was the shuttle able to create
Lace out of thin air 👁---ӂ
Alas, it was not the shuttle 👁
Creating the slippery-knot -ɷ-ɷ-ɷ-
It was the movement of the hand ღ
The magic /* of flipping-hitches
From one thread to another
Beautiful little slippery double-knots
Beautiful little butterfly...
✋-Tatting With Your Fingers...
Start the process of learning to tat with a positive attitude and an ounce of determination.

✋-Tatting With Your Fingers
Happy Tatting! Video.
Demonstrated by Teri Dusenbury.
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Beautiful little butterfly...

Nellie Jackie Kwas
For years, I had tried to contact Mrs. Kwas with no luck. I have always given Mrs. Kwas credit for my love of tatting in all the Internet publishing I have done during the years. You can imagine my joy when I received a snail mail letter from Mrs. Kwas.

Even though the time was short, I enjoyed our correspondence and feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have Mrs. Kwas in my life for that short time.
Miss you, Jackie!
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