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~S U P P L Y  L I N K S~
TATBiT's C-Lon Stash
C-Lon Nylon Cord/Thread
C-Lon D Beading Thread Store Link
C-Lon AA Beading Thread Store Link
I used this size thread to bead over the top of the tatting. Sometimes, it is best to used the same color "thread" as the "cord" used to tat the armature. 
C-Lon Micro Tex 70 Cord Store Link
Tex 70 Info Video Link
Most of the jewelry that I tatted was using this size nylon cord. Not as many color choices as the Tex210 cord.
Tatted with the Tex135
C-Lon Fine Tex 135 Cord Store Link
This size is the new kid on the block. Not as many colors as the TEX70 or 210.  I like it!
C-Lon Bead Tex 210 Cord Store Link
Tex 210 Info Video Link
I used this size cord for the crochet handles for the swing bags, also the bolo-tie jewelry. I also demonstrated with this size. This cord weight requires a lot of strength to manipulate the knots and keep them consistent. Might be the solution for the younger novice?  
C-Lon Heavy Tex 400 Cord Store Link
Tex 400 Info Video Link
A chunky-monkey cord. Something to thread tatting onto? 
Do yourself a favor and watch this video so you can get an idea of the difference between the cord sizes.
~B E A D  S T O R E S~
-Not All Beads Are Alike-
Delica Seed Beads
Miyuki Color & Durability Chart
Do yourself a favor and check out what Miyuki has to say about the beads that they manufacture. 
Fire Polished and Semi Precious when on SALE. Artbeads is practically in my backyard and it took them too long to process my order. They are out-of-stock at inopportune times which forced me to go elsewhere.
Sometimes when all other bead stores are sold out of fire polished rounds, I have been able to find exactly what I am looking for here. Lots of variety!
Always been happy with my purchases from their online store. I like the coconut donuts, horn and wooden beads. B&P "hard copy" beading catalog was a work of art the last time I received one. Not sure if they still publish one or not?
I felt like I was their only customer and that is how you want to be treated in the long run. If you qualify for the free shipping AND you have taken advantage of a SALE then life is peachy-keen and you have gotten more bang for your buck! Donuts, Czech Heart Beads,  and Toho Seed Beads. A wide variety of beading supplies.
Go for the SALE! Save your money so that you can play the discount game or if you belong to a tatting club... five members could go in together and play that discount game or what I call going for "the golden ring" and pay "half" the price for beads you want. Why pay full price when you can pay half? Just about a one-stop-shop experience.
Fusion Beads Store Link
Never disappointed in any purchase. All new packaging, with smart labeling. 
Jewelry Supply Store Link
I purchased findings and some shell beads here. The SALE is the better deal. 
Never been unhappy with any bead that I have purchased. Specialty Czech Fire Polished Rounds and other sized Czech Beads plus more. Packaged right, sent in a timely manner.
I have never purchased beads from this online store. They have beads like Flower Sugilite in the coin sizes.
 I have never purchased beads from this online store. I have spent time browsing on this online site. Very upfront about the beads being sold. Nice selection of fancy Czech beads...
Fire polished round in all sizes and specialties. Hands down can not beat the sale price. Shipped in a timely fashion.
I have never purchased beads from this online store. They have  a good selection of flat heart beads.
Splendor In The Glass Store Link
Unusual one-of-a-kind beads. This is where I found my flat jade and tiger eye disks. Sorry, I bought out the store. The more you buy the greater the discount on some items. Vintage.
The Bead Obsession Store Link
Spent most of Ollie's retirement money at this store. I have not purchased any beads since they have moved. Break the price down per bead to see if it is worth the price. Shop around or wait for the sale. A lot of the selection are specialty beads and may not necessarily be available for long. Nice selection. A little slow for me... hurry, hurry, hurry!
Bead Thread Combination Videos
 Scroll down to see video embeds.
Silks or Satin Delica Beads Info Video
Scroll down to see video embeds.
TATBiT's Turtle Cove Info Video 
Magnifying Visor Videos
~C R O S S  N E C K L A C E S  V I D E O S~
 "That Cabochon Is The Star" & "Color Combinations" Audio
~C O M F O R T  P O U C H  V I D E O~
~D O N U T  N E C K L A C E  V I D E O S~
~E Y E G L A S H  L E A S H  V I D E O S~
~S W I N G  B A G  V I D E O S~
TATBiT's Wheel of Faith Turtle Cross Necklace with Interlocking Split Rings Video
TATBiT's Sassy Garnet Daisy Chain Necklace & "Don't East The Daisies" Video
~O N E  D R I V E  V I D E O S~
~T A T T I N G  P A T T E R N  L I N K S~
~A N I M A L S~
~B O O K M A R K S~
~B U T T E R F L I E S~
& "Too Good To Be True" Video
~D O I L I E S~
~F A N S~
~H E A R T S~
~J E W E L R Y~
Plain & Beaded
~M O B I L E S~
~M O T I F S~
~P I N E A P P L E S~
~R O S E T T E S~
~S C H E M A T I C S~
~S H A W L S~
~S N O W F L A K E S~
~T U R T L E S~
TATBiT's Dream Turtle Eyeglass Leash 
Happy Tatting!
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