TATBiT’s Finger-Tatted Beaded Starburst Rosette Pattern

 This is C-Lon in Tex 135 in Silver. The backside of the Rosette Armature..
 Dyna-Mites 8/0 Inside Color Pink. This is the front side of the Rosette Armature.
 This bead is not uniform and a little too chunky for this knot count which is X3.
The finished backside of the Starburst Rosette.
This is Tex 70 in Light Orchid using the x5 pattern script. It just fits better with the 11/0 DB128 Transparent Luster Rainbow Amethyst Purple Delica Beads.
Tex 70 in Teal. DB859 11/0 Transparent Matte Rainbow Emerald Green Delicas. A 20mm Turquoise disk for the center.
The other side or back side of the prior pictured Starburst Rosette. I should have pulled my bead thread tighter. I used an onyx 20mm disk for this side. Even I have to tat-bead a pattern a few times to get every aspect to fit. I am glad that I did not give up on the Tex 70. I just needed more magnification and allow for the process to take longer. 
Tex 135 in Olive. Toho 8/0 Hex. Beads are not uniform and make a very chunky Starburst. This is the only bead that I was able to duplicate the same beading pattern as the "Hugs and Kisses" rosette. The bead hogs everything and you really can not even see a beading pattern. 
Tex 135 in Silver. These are 8/0 Delica Rounds DB-0256 in a Rainbow Rootbeer. I used a 20mm MOP coin bead. Not liking the results. The MOP coin takes over the whole show.