Testing 1...2...3

Believe it or not, I am still testing the TEX 70 pattern. I have the "Finger Tatted Fixed Bead Armature Tex 70x5" pattern completed, it is the beading portion of the pattern that has been giving me trouble. The problem lies with being able to find a suitable same sized center focal disk that I have been using. I purchased my disks many years ago and these disks are no longer available. These disks measure exactly "18x4mm" and are flat not puffed or domed, Substitute any of the supplies listed in the pattern and that is a surefire way to throw the whole beading pattern off. Trust me, it does not take much to disrupt the pattern and that is where the trouble begins. 
Hugs & Kisses Starburst Beaded Rosette Necklace
Each time I bead the pattern, I can see the next derivative. If you can tat-bead the "Finger Tatted Fixed Bead Armature Tex 70x5" pattern then the beading portion is not that much more of an effort. I made the beading pattern look more like a "Star" or "Sun".  I added two more beading rounds and I still think this beading pattern is easier than the beading pattern for the "Hugs & Kisses" necklace rosette. Just trying to get the needle through those eight ring's fixed add-on bead is torture and something I put myself through when my eyes were much younger and I had an abundance of patience. If a bead broke, such is life! You might not appreciate that same philosophy.
Bead vomit. Can not even detect a pattern, Front side.
Back side does show more tatting but the bead is too distracting.
This beading pattern is close but no cigar. The Capiz Shell Drop that I used was only 15mm and was not wide enough and does not lift the beads up. I find the shell drop distracting.
 That disk fits just right and raises the beading up so that the beading pattern fits.
 Sorry, my pictures are not great.
Light Orchid Tex70 - C-Lon Nylon Micro Cord
18x4mm Flat Round Disk
11/0 Delica Opaque Lavender DB660