Tatting Heart Patterns
TALES From The Tat Beaded Heart - Heartsy
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 Photographed 2014
Purple Flower Stone or Flower Sugilite
Materials: C-Lon Micro TEX70 Nylon Cord in Orchid, 11/0 Vintage Toho Seed Beads in Purple Iris, 3mm FP CZ Rounds Topaz AB, 4mm (Granite) Purple Marble Druks, 10mm Round Puffed Coin Flower Sugilite or Purple Flower Stone. (I have not shopped at MonsterSlayer.com so I can not readily recommend, but they do have the Sugalite puffed coin beads at 12mm the last time I looked.)
Pattern Scripts: It is very difficult to write pattern scripts as each individual tatter interprets information differently. Some brains are able to decipher patterns with the least amount of information. Some brains need more, while others need every bit of information available. Some tatters need their hands held while they first go into reading my scripts. I get it, I get why there are classes or forums held to help. These patterns were designed to be printed. I tried to use light colors where the script was redundant and black where the information was pertinent to help save on ink. The schematics are meant to be used in conjunction with the pattern script. Everything together as a whole, not one or another. This manuscript was a part of a huge project that I grew tired of when all the variable of publishing came into play. I had planned on tatting every design in pink but by the time it came to that point I was finished.

1080p HD
What is wrong with this video.....? Yep, that is the back side of the lace. Does it matter? It does to me because I want the art form to evolve to where there is clearly a front and a back side to tatted lace, not just happenstance. I should have been paying closer attention, had my magnifier at hand, instead I was trying to get Heartsy focused and centered in the frame. True, I do want the back to look as good as the front and I accomplished that mission. This heart was finger tatted and I did use the Riego join technique which makes it harder to tell. No, I am not making this video again....
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