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TATBiT's Sassy Garnet Daisy Chain Necklace
"Don't East The Daisies" Video

Garnet colored Czech Fire Polished Rounds.
I just can not stop touching that turtle! I did edit this video by adding light as it was so dark. Am I getting better at video....? That is the question. 
TATBiT's Sassy Garnet Daisy Chain Necklace "Don't East The Daisies" 2012 Video Link

I made a lot of these videos for Sunela Thomas who took my FB Sassy Turtle TAT-Bead class back in 2012. That is why these videos have such a familiar tone to them.
 Silver-lined Crystal & Silver-lined Opal
 Always clean hands!
Sand the points off those "sharp" beading needles!
Get Zen with your beading.
A few words on Silver-lined Delica Beads.... I have the whole color line of  "silver" lined beads including the "opal" line. Remember that these are "glass" beads and that they can behave in certain ways that are not appreciated by those who bead. Personally, I have found these "silver-lined" beads to be extremely hardy, plus I have never had any silver residue come off the bead and onto my cord or thread.
  Gold-lined Opalescent (discontinued)
At one time there was a line of gold opalescent beads that did have a lot of problems, but they stopped selling those beads about two years ago. These beads did not tolerate any sharp pointed objects coming in contact with the inside of the bead. I was very sad to find out that this bead had been discontinued. You will now recognize this bead in a lot of my beaded tatting as I particularly loved that "mossy-green" bead.
UPDATE: 11/0 Gold Fleck Sea Green DB1454 (Artbeads descriptions)
Seems a little ironic that it was called "fleck".  Once I notice that beads were being damaged it did not take rocket science to realize that the sharp needle was causing the destruction. I removed the beads and started using a different needle or would sand the point down if the needle was a "sharp". It is so much easier to remove beads when finger tatting then having to unwind from a shuttle etc. Easier to open a closed ring too. The needle has always been the problem with this type of bead. Unfortunately, it is very hard to bead without a needle for most beaders. I did use a needle threader for many years but refused to pay $1 or more for just one threader so I went over to using beading needles. The needle threader was a "slow" process and in some ways taught me patience. The hardest part of using a needle is getting it threaded and I have a tendency to be in a bigger hurry and not exactly enjoying the moment. Slow down and find the Zen of beading.

Before purchasing any Delica Bead be sure to read that manufacturers color & durability chart.
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