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Golden Octavia Medallion Necklace
"The Silent Medallion" Video

It started as this... This is a "rosette" that I called "Octavia" and it was the first motif that I really started adding beads to. The "gold" delicas that are fixed into the tatted rings were the beads that usually broke first. It is not necessarily the bead line but that it is fixed and is already holding threads but to then add another. That could be frustrating to say the least! This is Dual Duty Plus Thread. The center round is Pictured Jasper.
Became this for a few minutes... A major step ahead as once I started beading on this rosette, I found it hard to stop! That beaded center became a surface to place the below puffed coin bead on top of.
See the tatting? Back side of this necklace.
 This is a scan of the completed necklace.
I have no idea how I did this... Savant Beading? While I was in the moment, I saw what to do.
Kind of makes a statement. Why should I not take a picture of myself wearing a necklace that I created from scratch? People continuously confound me. I like those frames, wonder what happened to them?

"The Silent Medallion 2011 Video"
This video was so dark, and there was also music playing in the background. I was able to make it brighter but I had to take the sound out.
Golden Octavia Medallion Necklace Video Link
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Happy Tatting!