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TATBiT's Silver-lined Delica Peyote Mini-Cross Necklace
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Silver-lined Delica Cross Necklace
I love fiber-optic cabochons, also referred to as cat's eyes! I consider this the back side but it could be worn as the front. All of my tatting has a distinct front and back. The back side should look as good as the front.
 This style of cross is small. However, the beading is not necessarily flat. You can see the raised center from the beading over the cabochon.
This is the front and I may have over beaded that center.
Materials: 12X8MM Striped Demin Picasso Table Cut Rectangles, 16mm Round Cat's Eye Cab - Brown, 2mm and 3mm Black Diamond Czech FP Rounds, Silver-lined Frosted Sky Blue 11/0 DB692 Seeds, C-Lon Micro Cord Tex70 in Chocolate,
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