Tatted Turtle Eye Candy
TATBiT's Sassy Turtle Hearts & Bows Necklace
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Note: This was filmed with my old Kodak Camera and I used an incandescent light bulb and the color for the turtle and the necklace is just about spot on!
 8/0 Miyuki Matte Transparent Cobalt AB "Seed" Beads (8-151)
 Tex 135 Fine-Weight C-Lon Nylon Cord in Orchid.
 Side View
Measures approximately 50x35mm or 2x1.5inches.
Tatted Sassy Turtle Hearts and Bows Necklace.
12mm Dyed MOP Hearts Beads, Large Navette Shaped Cat's Eye.
This is what the 25mm "Purple Flower Stone" or "Flower Sugilite" Coin Bead looks like until you cover it up with beads. Use a junk coin bead instead of wasting a beautiful bead like I did.
  Sassy Turtle Hearts & Bows Necklace
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