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TATBiT's Charmingly Millefiori Bracelet
Interlocking Split Rings

The "Interlocking Split Rings" element belongs to Mrs. Ruth Perry. Mrs. Perry has been gracious in granting me permission to post these images where I used elements that belong to her.
   I decided to keep it really simple but you can imagine the possibilities are endless. I used a lobster claw but I think a small plain s-clasp would look better.
   I love millefiori beads, (even if you can see the bead hole which I find distracting at times. Cool beads none-the-less.
   I decided to show the back side of this bracelet so that you can see the foundation chain better. I can wear a size 7 inch bracelet - just. This bracelet is about 7.5 inches. The foundation chain works best as a split-ring of 13/13. Usually any knot count higher than 13 makes knot consistency harder and harder.
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