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Interlocking Split Rings
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 The outer round of the "Wheel of Fortune Cross Bookmark" is the perfect fit around this "tat-bead" turtle. I have tweaked the design a bit, adding beads etc. I can handle the amount of thread used to knot the chain part of the cross, but the running thread is a different story. I do have to take the running thread off the netting shuttle each time just to thread through the turtle's point foot bead, so I am not chasing too many beads at this point. It is slow going.
   Why should tatters use a "netting" shuttle while tatting with C-Lon Nylon Cord? Because "traditional" style shuttles mark the nylon thread when going through the pinched blade ends. The least amount of wear and tear on the thread or cord the better.
Materials: 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm Green Aventurine Rounds. 4mm and 6 mm flat Green Aventurine Hearts beads. 3mm and 4mm Fire Polished Czech Rounds in Amethyst Purple. 11/0 Transparent Rainbow Amethyst Delicas DB-173. C-Lon Micro (TEX70) Beading Cord in Sage. Turtle has a 13mm Capiz Drop for shell.
 So many threads to be worked back into the cross.
 I could have stopped here. That Capiz Drop really draws the eye in!
Instead of going clockwise with the "interlocking split rings", I should go counter-clockwise. That way the second half of the split ring will face out instead of in. Clip, snip!
"Interlocking Split Rings" is not a "technique" but a "design element" that was created by Mrs. Ruth Perry. Mrs. Perry has granted me permission to post these pictures where I included this element in my turtle cross design. Thank you Ruth!
A one of a kind piece and I never tried to duplicate this design again.
 Turtles Rock!

 1080p HD
The "interlocking split ring" round stabilized this cross. Without that round this cross was flimsy and would not have been a good choice for jewelry. This necklace was made between April 29 to May 5 of 2009.
   I am still struggling with the new camera and trying to get the settings correct along with the lighting. Not the best video I have made, and I may film another video in the future once I get that camera figured out. This video is best played in full screen mode because of the lighting. Bloopers! The 2mm green aventurine is not the size bead in the "interlocking split rings" as that is the 3mm. The 2mm bead is sitting in the spokes of the cross. 
 Metal Tatting Shuttle Bobbin
 Original Aero Shuttle
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