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TATBiT's Tat-Beading Bible Cover Cross

 I broke a bead. Harder than it looks to bead through fixed beads. I did have to restart but I am glad that I did.
Materials used: 11/0 Vintage (fancy cut) Toho in AB - I was gifted these beads in the early 1990's and have been unable to find a source for them since. 2 and 3mm Topaz Czech Fire Polished Rounds. 8mm Olivine Swarovski Crystal Round.  C-Lon Micro (TEX70) Nylon Beading Cord in Orchid.
The Swarovski crystal bead in the center makes it difficult to scan the progress of this cross. Yes, the crystal is not exactly the right shade of purple, but that seems to be my fate as I seem to always be one shade off. This tanzanite tinted crystal (even though it has more blue than a red hue) was the closest match. I managed not to break any of the vintage Toho beads yet. So glad I decided to try again.
Three hours wasted because the last bead used to rethread the cord through broke. Ack! Toho is a fragile bead, but these vintage beads are my favorite and I want to use them. Shall I risk it all again and re-tat-bead?
I changed the tanzanite tinted crystal for an olivine tinted crystal. I took out the center 3mm fire polished rounds and put in 2mm for a better fit all around. The above images with black backgrounds are all "scans" and not photographs.
The images with the yellow felt backgrounds are photographs. This is the back of the cross. A bit big for a necklace (2¾ x 3¾ inches). A tree ornament, or sewn to a Bible cover might make this cross the perfect embellishment?
 Those Toho Beads just catch the light!
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Happy Tatting!