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Ollie Loves TATBiT Cameo Double-Sided Necklace
Interlocking Split Ring
"AND" Video Chat

Split Ring Circle with Interlocking Split Rings and 4mm Red Goldstone Heart Beads and 11/0 Delica DB37 Copper-lined Crystal Cut (instead of "Hex"). I used a size 20 six-cord thread, but would use C-Lon Micro (TEX70) Nylon Cord if making this necklace today.
 I added two 25mm coconut donuts and two pictures to size of Ollie and TATBiT.
Tat/Knot another Split Ring border to hold everything together and add an Interlocking Split Ring with 4mm Red Goldstone Round beads.
 Add a tatted bail and a necklace of 4mm, 6mm and 8mm Red Goldstone Hearts, 4mm Round Red Goldstone and a few of the crystal cut Delicas.
 Ollie Loves
The "Interlocking Split Rings" element belongs to Mrs. Ruth Perry. Mrs. Perry has been gracious in granting me permission to post these images where I used elements that belong to Ruth.
   Some appliance is always on and making noise in the background of all my videos.

1080p HD
Ollie Loves TATBiT Cameo Necklace 2014 "AND" Video Link
I did re-edit this video and took off bloopers and telling more than any tatter wants to know. AND I did not catch the AND at the end...
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