TATBiT 101
Do Not Be A Control Freak!
A Lesson On Cookies

Did you know that when you visit any Internet page "that page" places "cookies" on your computer?
   Some "cookies" taste alright, not exactly home-made but edible. The page uses cookies to store information that supposedly helps you view their page and load that page quicker the next time you visit. I get a little concerned when I see the other 14 cookies that have been placed on my computer that may be stale or just plain toxic or aka "tracking cookies".
   First party to the third party cookies. If that "third party" is not invited to store it's "cookies" on your computer, well that is when the "cookie" hits the fan. Eat my cookie or else!
   I have high blood sugar, and I am trying to control the amount of cookies I am being forced to eat!
   If the "third party cookies" are not eaten then "blogger" gets low blood sugar from not being able to eat those cookies. Then TATBiT can NOT be "signed" into her main blog page. What? All or no cookies philosophy...
   Long story short, I had to "reset" my browser. YIKES! Modzilla saved all preferences but my passwords and usernames were deleted.  An "easy" fix once I knew what the problem was. I did read more online comments like "please help me" then one should ever have to read. Not one "help" page had the actual answer, but close enough for me to figure it out.
   Lesson learned: Do not be a "control freak" about how many "cookies" your computer eats. Just because you can not eat cookies does not mean the computer can not have any either. TATBiT 101
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Happy Tatting!