TATBiT 101
Do Not Be A Control Freak!
Blog Design and CSS Hacking

Confessed Hacker!
My name is.... and I hack CSS Code. I am not exactly proud of that fact and if I knew more about HTML I would have coded it all pretty.
Images can mess up a blog!
Blogger.com will allow a blogger to edit images in the following sizes: small, medium, large, x-large, and original sized images.
   Just because a set size is "available" does not mean that it is the "correct size" for the intended header, post, side widget or footer.
   Posts: If the picture is "centered" in the body of the post.... AND YET.. it is not "centered" (as there seems to be too much of a left margin on the side of that picture), then the picture is sized incorrectly. Both side margins should be equal. Go next size down.
   If the picture exceeds the "border of the post" and you try to put a border around the picture or the post. Oh hell no, that will not work! Especially if you hacked the code, this just confuses the template and you might be wondering where the sidebar disappeared to? Margaritaville? I want to go!
   The "template" has all perimeters set by the template designer. You may go and "tweak" those perimeters but that does not mean that all is well in designer-template-land. Careful how you hack. Do not be afraid of HTML
   While trying to "revert" back to older versions of the blog, I ran into serious problems that I believe are not of my making. If I am at fault, I will readily admit my error. 
   I downloaded what I think is a "virgin" template; however, when I try to open it in an .xml editor I get an error message. What's up with that? I don't know? Not more "please help me" comments to sift through.
   I have downloaded the blog's xml document, but when trying to upload the back-up version I  received an error messages. What's up with that? Google how hard is it to make a FAQ sheet?
   I found one answer that might work (that I have not implemented) is to copy the inside of the "HTML" field form and make my own xml document. I can just "hack" my whole blog into the HTML field form and not have to mess with the "system" that did not work for me in the first place. Just because the "one" was able to "fix" their blog problems using this method, does not mean it will work for "all". 
   I am not sure if "my" hacking is the cause of all problems on my blog or just some ill placed pictures? I am glad that I did hack as I like the look of the blog and I may not have tried the hard way with HTML as it is easier to hack.
   "TATtle TALES Tatting Patterns" blog is best viewed in Modzilla's FireFox Browser.  IE does not support rounded borders and my dashed borders just do not work properly in that browser.  I do not have Chrome or some of the other browsers. I am unsure as to how the blog looks when viewed in a browser other than FireFox.
   I am glad that I did not "give up" on the blog when everything seemed so broken. Comments still do not show on the main page. This is because I messed with the margins in the post footer and between the posts. It would be easier if the comment link showed but it does not.
   If you care or dare to comment... Post comment form can be accessed by clicking on the post title link at the top of the post. The one post will then appear in its own main page. Scroll down to "comment form". Best comment wins....
Happy Tatting!