The Principle of the Matter...

I understand that to err is to be human. Anyone is bound to make a mistake from time to time usually through no fault of their own. Probably the easiest action one can take, after making a mistake, is to apologize. No excuse needed, just a meaningful apology. It is such a simple concept and yet probably the most difficult for some individuals to make. 
   It is no secret that I have many issues with certain people within the tatting community. Especially individuals that run forums that allow their members to freely place copyrighted materials in an open file folder, and post other materials that are protected by federal law. I am not ignorant to the complexities of running a forum, I have run a forum type community myself. I know how easy it is to police these communities (if you really want to) and make sure that every member sticks to the terms of use. It really is not that hard. 
   It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of being a member of a large community and wanting to be friendly and accepted by all. Some feel that necessitates sharing material that does not belong to them. I will repeat, it is a violation to display any of my patterns in a folder or drive that is accessible to the public without my express permission. 
   I have NEVER given permissions for this type of use for any of my patterns, especially to a community that requires an individual to be a member before they can access the site. 
   If you have placed my patterns in a public folder (in any community), these files should be removed immediately. 
   If you have placed my files on your blog, they should be removed immediately. 
   The only place where my files should be accessed is on this blog!
   I have very specific rights that have been afforded to me by federal law. I paid my fee for federal protection. I have clearly placed copyright notification on my works and even stated that all patterns are for non-profit use only. 
   Why do my copyrights carry little weight within this tatting community? Is it because I am not liked on a personal level? What does my personality have to do with federal law? Do laws not matter anymore? What has happened to us as human beings that we are not willing to do the right thing anymore! 
   Why should any individual profit from my protected work? It is not a basic human right. Because I have chosen to allow free access to my patterns does not negate my federal rights. The patterns are made available for your own private use, not for you to profit off of. Simple. 
   Tatting communities, forums, and clubs can be fun and allow tatters to be around other individuals who share a love for the art of tatting. There is no need for illegal activity nor should it be tolerated. 
   Why are illegal actions acceptable and even embraced in some communities? Is it the... I am going to do what I want and it does not matter if any one is damaged from this action philosophy! This action does hurt someone; it hurts me! 
   It is disrespectful to me when my rights are violated. Go away Teri, we have the bulk of your work now. Don't worry, all your work will be derived and no one will remember that they were your designs to begin with. It will only take a few years, don't worry! 
   When I try to defend my work, I am lambasted as a bitch or mentally ill, when all I am trying to do is protect my legacy that I have worked twenty-five years to achieve. 
   I have always felt it was my own responsibility to find out what the facts are concerning copyright law because I did not want to cause anyone to be upset by a careless action on my part. I have made numerous mistakes through out the years and I have learned from them all. I have done my homework where the law is concerned. I remember when the only way to obtain this information was to have access to a law library and I did! Those were the old days, today this information is readily available on the Internet, so there is less of an excuse not to find out the facts prior to publishing anything whether it be an original, derivative work or posting a pattern to a public folder. 
   I first heard about the 20% rule in 1989. I can not believe that lie is still being tossed about within the community as fact, but I heard it again a few days ago. I was always confused as to what constituted 20%. I researched the law and found out that there was no such thing as the 20% rule, it was pure hogwash, just a myth perpetuated by those who are are infringing upon a protected work. They add a picot or two to an established design and think they have arrived at an original design. Do not say anything against that rule or they will slap you down but hard. Hey folks, it is very easy to derive another pattern when the original pattern is laid out for you in the first place. That makes these peoples thieves. A very harsh statement indeed. Stealing is wrong! It should not be sugar-coated but be clearly stated. 
   I am opening the door for a lot of personal criticism, and if that is what it takes to have this issue addressed and corrected by the tatting community then the sooner the better. 
   I wish I was younger, richer and had thicker skin, but none of those three descriptions fit. Somehow I got old! One day I had that come hither look, and the next I had found myself approaching the granny stage. 
   It was quite cruel to be attacked on such a personal level in one of the InTatters threads a few years back. Gee, Fox if you had such a beef with me would it not have been easier to come to me first? You did not even have your facts correct. I did not violate a copyright by calling my Tumblr blog TATBEADOLOGY. You can not copyright a title. Because you seemed to be highly upset, I went the extra step by renaming my blog IF KNOT FOR YOU. Did you even think to apologize for your incorrect statement?
   InTatters allowed a member to post a slanderous statement concerning my mental heath. What purpose did that serve? I needed taken down a peg in your estimation? Did anyone in that hierarchy think to apologize or even offer me a chance to defend myself? I am not a member so it does not matter that slanderous statements were allowed to stand.
   Not one tatter who read that thread came to my defense. Mental illness was defended but not me. I am not mentally ill! I was born with Asperger Syndrome and have struggled my whole life to be a "normal" (whatever the hell that is) social human being. What does any of this have to do with copyright law?
   I have a mirror and I see the changes I have gone through in the past couple of years. Pain can make a person ugly in no time at all. I have not been physically well for a couple of years now. I had quite a serious neck injury that has taken me years to somewhat recover from but I still experience quite a bit of pain to this day. 
   I am diabetic, and if I have not said it enough times already... I AM GOING BLIND. I feel like I am constantly being poked, prodded and kicked. The vultures are circling and will not even wait for my demise which should not be long now. It seems as if these people are trying to pick my bones clean before I am even dead. No shame! Truly unbelievable the heartless behavior. 
   What does that say about the community that I have shared my patterns, techniques and knowledge with for the past twenty-five years? 
   If you know about the law, yet watched while these infringements were going on right in front of your eyes, and you choose to remain silent, what does that say about you? Speak out and get the policies changed or leave the group. If enough people make a stand, these practices will change. Do not be a part of the problem but a part of a solution.
   Why do I have to become litigious to protect what belongs to me? Most of those who infringe usually barely have a pot to piss in (that is why you continue to infringe) or they live in foreign countries. What do I get from trying to sue someone who is barely making ends meet, their piss pot? I would rather have a roof over my head instead of paying attorney fees and living in the forest.
   These heartless individuals bank on that notion and if you think these feckless people are naive or innocent you are mistaken. They calculate their every move, and when they have minions in the hundreds who support these infringements, how does one person take a stand? It takes the whole tatting community to make a difference!