Tatting Doily Patterns
Petalouda & Kaleidoscope Squares

I was calling this beaded appliqué because all of the beading is done on top of the tatted motif.
 Maybe "red" should not have been the beading thread color?
Size 20 Six Cord Cotton Thread.  
Note: I ruined this lace and the other piece featured in this PDF. Place your lace in an acid free environment while storing. I used rubber cement to fix my lace to paper and this is what I have to show for those two errors.
   Tatting pattern is at a NOVICE skill level. What complicates the tatting is the size and having enough patience to finish the project started and that would push the project into an INTERMEDIATE skill level. When beads are added that complicates the project further and it becomes an ADVANCED skill level project.
Petalouda and Kaleidoscope Squares Pattern Link
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Happy Tatting!