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TATBiT's Tatted Mini-Cross Patterns
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Size 20 Six Cord Cotton Thread
This is the bookmark that has been beaded over the top of the tatting to secure the cross to the felted crochet "swing" bag.
Front of swing bag.

Designers go back and revisit your designs. You have the absolute derivative rights and why would you not go back and see all the variations that are possible from one design?
This above pictured mini-cross necklace is the first derivative. 
This is the second beaded cross.
The "Interlocking Split Rings" element (visible split ring border at center of cross) belongs to Mrs. Ruth Perry. Mrs. Perry has been gracious in granting me permission to post this image of where I used this element.
All Rights Reserved. ©2009 by Teri Dusenbury.
Happy Tatting!