My Sincerest Apology...

Mrs. Ruth Perry,
I sincerely apologize (Gosh darnit, I had that spelled wrong), for using your "design element" and calling it my own. It is my greatest hope that you can forgive me for taking your "interlocking split-ring" design element and calling it my own.
   Talk about sticking one's foot into their mouth, that would be me...
   I have removed all pictures of my tatted jewelry that used your design element. I also removed the one earring pattern where this element was being used. I am also trying to remove pictures from the place that Google stores my blog photos but am having some difficulties in that department and hope to have all these items removed soon!
   That is one great design element! Kudos!
Making a difference one tatter at a time,
Teri Dusenbury

Apologizing is not the hard part, spelling the word or using the word in the proper context has been my problem. I am embarrassed and hope my grammar and misspelling did not diminish what is a heartfelt sentiment.
   I hate to admit that I forgot about the postings to Tumblr, Flickr and even the pins I had on Pinterest. I have now made sure that all of the material that was posted has been removed.