Do Not Panic!

I will not be removing my blog, patterns or videos. In fact, I will be adding more material to this blog. 
   I am in the process of making it easier not harder to find the patterns that you may be looking for on this blog. When it comes to my patterns, this blog is where you will find everything. If you can not find what you are looking for ask.
   I am trying to compile an easy link list that not only states the name of the pattern, but also places it in a skill level category. Know your skill level. 
   If you tat using traditional methods (reverse your work to tat chains or have no defined front or back side to your lace), then your lace is not going to look like the pictured lace here. 
   Practice learning to tat using modern techniques and methods. All bars of all the knots should be on the front of your lace. Embrace my modern concepts and your lace will take on a uniform appearance, and one that I think you will appreciate.
   Practice does make perfect. Do not consider your first attempt at tatting any of these patterns as your final product. Practice using thread that is inexpensive, so that your pre-attempts are not so expensive. There is always the option of sewing these onto stationary or into your workbook instead of throwing them in the trash. 
   If beads are added to the mix, that complicates the pattern even more. I hand tatted the majority of the patterns that contain beads. I find it very tedious to chase beads on a shuttle. For me it is just easier to add beads as needed.
   A novice should use the larger gauged 3, 5 or 10 threads or cords (tight twist) in a mono-color.
   Do not expect to be a "master" at tatted lace in a weeks time. It takes years to master this art! Keep learning new techniques, how to control the knot, and if you are not having a good time then tatting may not be for you. 
Happy Tatting!