Charmed Family Tree Fan with Tatting

 Here is a look at the handle of my family tree fan. I would place this artwork in a shadow box, too. Some of the charms are real, while others are charms that I created through CGI.
In the two years from when I last worked on this piece, Sheba and Lily are gone, so only Garfina is left and she is too mean to die. My MIL also passed this year and I need to get her pictures in those hearts. It is just a matter of scanning, getting into a heart shape and then overlaying the picture on the charm frames. Do you like my RIP charms, those are real?
This would definitely need to be in a shadow box. The charms would be a bit of an expenses. Plus some of the brass flowers, and rhinestones might run a bit steep. I created the little flowers from a top of a vintage button. I can see this being made and a fun project. Probably easier to actually make this than it was creating it as a CGI. Get family members involved, and then they can buy the charms that they want used. It would be quite the art piece when done.
TATBiT's Charmed Family Tree Fan
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Happy Tatting!