Treasured Heart Memories

This is CGI, but I bet I could of made one to put in a shadow-box. I have pictures of Elgiva Nicholls and Dora Young; however, I do not have permission to display them publicly here. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of Rebecca Jones or Rebecca Hollenbaugh and it would have been nice to have all of their pictures.
  A mat or heavy canvas might be more suitable than fabric for this piece. It would be difficult to sew it together though.  I was thinking at the time of using leather or suede, but not really liking that idea now.
  I have been removing everything from my computer when I came across this design from the website. Just thought I would share as so much time went into creating this piece. 
  I thought I might also share what programs were used to make my cgi images. GIMP is a GNU Image Manipulation Program that is absolutely free. There is a learning curve, but so much documentation on how to use this program is available, even YouTube videos. I use this program a lot, on my photographs, to crop, make the picture with more saturation, brightness and contrast, and to insert my name onto the picture. You can get this FREE program here.
  The other program is one that I purchased to build my website with. MAGIX Xara Web Designer 7 is the version that I used (and I see that is now at 10.) There is a steep learning curve for how I used this program. I do not remember watching any YouTube videos, and only used the help documentation in the software, it was sort of hit and miss. I already had a lot of graphic experience, so I was not so easily frustrated. I spent a lot of time on all of the cgi images that you have seen on this blog. If given the option to try for free, that is the best choice. Pay a few bucks more for all the bells and whistles. Also, I used Gimp to remove alpha colors or make the background transparent, to adding shadows prior to importing into Xara.
  How to better view the images in this post. Left click on image you want a better view of. Window will open with list of options. Click on "open link in new window" link. Your cursor should be a magnifying glass with a plus sign on the glass. Click on image to enlarge.
Happy Tatting!