A Knack For Tatting
Monica Hahn
A Christmas Angel

One of my dreams, many years ago, was to establish a Tatter's Archive Museum
  I first met the majority of my fellow tatters through the tatting newsletter TATtle TALES. I started asking subscribers to submit their biographies and tatting experiences. If they wanted to submit lace, shuttles etc that would have also been appreciated.
  What happened to that dream? Money was the major obstacle in all things. I could not expect for Ollie to pay for every one of my whims. My problem has always been the inability to deal with the politics that is a huge part of the lace community. This kept me from being able to network with the people that would have helped me fulfill that dream.
  I will always be grateful to those tatters who submitted their biographies, and shared their thoughts on tatting.
 Monica subscribed to the newsletter, and that is how we initially met. We also had a mutual acquaintance in Alison Addicks. I remember Alison trying to show me Monica's books, but all I could see was To de Haan - Van Beek's Kleurrijk Frivolit√©.
  Somehow, I got it in my head that Monica's first name was Mona. I cringe when I think about it... In my opinion, the worse thing one can do is spell the person's name wrong. I had to top that notion by going one step further by calling her by another name completely. I can be such a dork! Monica was so gracious about the whole mix-up saying that I could call her Mona... 
  I had one other huge blooper, (and her family was also so very gracious in that regard.) Nothing worse than talking in the past tense when the person is still alive... Yes, I did! Not the first time my foot has been firmly lodged in my mouth or pen.
  Luckily, most of our communications were through snail mail. I am so thankful for the lack of technology, because I have handwritten notes with pieces of tatting on them from HER, and they are absolutely treasures.
  Monica always gave God all the Glory, and she was truly an amazing person. Probably, one of the nicest ladies I have ever communicated with. A truly lovely individual in every way.
This was a web page from a few years ago.
Christmas Angels And Other Tatting Patterns
Perfect Cluny Petals!
 One of my favorite Monica Hahn designs.
Sorry this is a bad scan of this book.
It is easier to read some of these letters if they are inverted.
Jack Johnson
 Bobbie Demmer
Marie Rice
I was a card carrying member.
Monica Hahn
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