The Dusy Ornament

This was the last time I put up our Christmas Tree. Our cat, thought this tree was his personal playground. Lambert was constantly trying to climb it, knock it down, or attack the ornaments. The next year, I decided I was not going to torture myself with trying to keep the cat at bay.
 Here I am to save the day!
 What attitude! He brought me a snake.
 Lambert was just not into that kitty hug.
  Each year passed, and eventually there was no more house cat, and I never did put that tree up again. Kind of sad when I think about it.
  While living in Belgium, I kept our tree up year round while I made those ornaments, maybe that was my allotted tree time? This picture was taken with the worst camera EVER. How did we ever watch television on that small screen?
  This issue has a pattern for the Dusy ornaments. They are very cute and can be embellished with tatting. 
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Happy Tatting!