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Angeline Crichlow

Angeline Hardwick Crichlow is another tatter who, like Monica Hahn, will always be an American treasure in my eyes. Angeline taught tatting, designed many, many tatting patterns, and she also self-published her patterns.
Let's Tat ©1979-1981 by Angeline Crichlow is a hard-cover publication that Angeline hand-bound herself.   
  Born in 1910, on an isolated pioneer ranch in the territory of Arizona, Angeline came from a long line of tatters. Angeline's Irish great grandmother, grandmother, and mother all tatted. At the young age of just eight, Angeline learned to tat.
  Angeline married an aeronautical engineer, and was a mother of four children - two boys and two girls. Angeline was also a school teacher, and taught for the Arizona public school system for nine years.
  While living in Ohio, Angeline's Bi-Centennial project was to promote the art of tatting. Angeline wore tatting, spoke of tatting, exhibited her tatting, tatted in public places, taught classes at banks, yarn shops, the YWCA, Church, the Statesmen's Club, and finally for Adult Education classes. Angeline had taught 184 ladies to tat from 1976 to 1992.
In early 1990, I  call Angeline to talk about tatting. Mr Chrichlow answered the phone and I remember him calling to her, Mother you have a phone call...  We spoke about tatting, and what I vividly remember is Angeline telling me that when she was in high school, girls were required to learn to tat prior to graduation. That is one way to keep the art form alive! I wish I could remember more of our phone conversations, and I should have kept notes.
   Just some of Angeline's tatting publications:
  • "Let's Tat" ©1979-1981 A Crichlow - 353 pages - hard-cover publication.
  • "Butterflies in Tatted Lace" ©1991 J Crichlow - 17 original butterflies and 4 edgings - 20 pages - soft cover.
  • "Single Shuttle Only" ©1991 J Crichlow - 40 patterns and 4 edgings - 28 pages - soft cover.
  • "10 Tatted Hearts" - 10 original heart patterns - 16 pages - soft cover.
  • "26 Crosses" Tatted
  • "3D Stuffed Animals"
  • "50 Stars"
  • "Challenge To Tatters" - 16 pages.
  • "Medallions For Beginners"
  • "Solid 3D Tatting"
  • "The Workbook: 10 Lessons For Beginners"
Unfortunately, my book listing is incomplete, and I do not have the year of publication for some of the tatting books that are listed.
  During the time that I wrote this, I had recently packed up a lot of what is The Tatter's Archive. Items were in sealed, 18 gallon plastic crates that were sitting in our attic. I am unable to get into the attic by myself, and I would never be able to bring any of the crates down because of their weight. Actually, I have never been in the attic and doubt that I could ever get up there even with help...

In the beginning of my tatting career, I was quite vocal about my thoughts on what I called tat-splats. I just did not like them. Well, talk about sticking one's foot in their mouth. I had no idea how popular adding a little tatting to stationary was. No doubt, a lot of tatters feelings were hurt. Yes, I am a bull in the china shop.
 From Mei Sato's collection.
Thank you, Angeline Crichlow, for all your contributions to tatting, and for the kindness you sent my way.
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  Happy Tatting!