Tatting Earring Pattern
TATBiT's Chained Flower Butterfly

This is the first earring design. Something not exactly right about this earring.
 This is Tex70 C-Lon in Orchid.
This is Tex70 C-Lon in Pink.
I am so HAPPY! I was able to open the original word document and fix the quad to quint AND download to a PDF file all in Word Online. At least I am consistent in my errors. 
  There are two patterns: one for a beaded version and one for just a tatted version. There is no actual pictured lace, written script and schematic drawings only.... sorry! This pattern is meant to be printed. I used light colors so that the pattern would not eat up your ink cartridges when printed.
I got the idea for the earring from this workbook design.
All Rights Reserved ©1996 by Teri Dusenbury.
Happy Tatting!