Tatting Butterfly Pattern
TATBiT's Ornamental Butterfly
"Too Good To Be True" Video

Tatted in size 20 six cord.
I designed this as a tree ornament initially. I thought that if the center picots were smaller that a picture could be placed in the center as a cameo. So many possibilities!
 I beaded over the top of that ornament.
The hearts are Hematite and the large flat oval is a fancy Czech bead. Yes, I covered up the tatting, but I doubt I would have been able to bead this design without the tatting. This necklace makes a statement!
This example of this pattern is tatted with Tex 70 C-Lon in Orchid. I omitted all of the picots as they can be distracting. Some times you feel like picots... This is a double sided necklace, but I like the tatted side better. That cat's eye just glows. This necklace makes a smaller statement. I did make a mistake on the beaded side..
Not an overpowering necklace.

1080p HD
A very yellow light...
TATBiT's Ornamental Butterfly Necklace "Too Good To Be True" Video Link
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Happy Tatting!