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TATBiT's Fantasia Fan

 Bridal Doily
 I thought this might make an interesting bridal doily (no flowers, sewn on a nosegay holder) for the rehersal ceremony. However, it would cost so much money to purchase all of those brass charms, and then add the rhinestones to the charms. I could only imagine the weight. Better wall art. This is mostly computer generated including those shuttles. The fabric is leather.
 Wowza! This CGI gives me the shivers all over!
 Can you imagine?
Once in a lifetime? It would have to be sewn to fabric. 
  You may be wondering what all that cgi is about. I use to have this beautiful website. Actually, the website is still there, I just removed all my files etc. So beautiful, and a lot of eyesight time wasted working on it. I am not sure how bandwidth was being stolen but it was. When I tried to find out answers and how I could prevent getting billed thousands of dollars for extra bandwidth, I found that they would not answer my emails. Can you hear Ollie in the background, saying... that's how they get you!  Could I just please catch a break... ONCE! 
  I have a granny style cell phone that comes with a very limited amount of minutes, but I am suppose to listen to their advertisements for a half and hour, and then the representative speaks so fast that I can not understand a word. Ugh! I use up all my patience for tatting so... many cuss words thought at this moment.
 This is the ACTUAL tatted lace.
 Mei Sato quilled the roses. Ribbon roses can be substituted.
PDF Pattern Link for the FAN only:
TATBiT's Fantasia Fan Pattern Link
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Happy Tatting!