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Starburst or Sunburst, It's All Good

Toho Hex Beads - Jade disk
 C-Lon Tex 70 Nylon Cord.
 I taught myself to bead that St Petersburg necklace.
 I am sure that necklace is an established beading pattern, just not sure what it is called.
 Love those matte metallic beads.
 Those are lined topaz Delicas, that I keep calling gold. Use this colored bead all of the time, and they especially go well with rhyolite.
This is one of the first tat-beads I designed that was featured on "The Lover's Knot" blog. The center flat coin is a 13mm jade disk. I used DDP#220 in a natural color but I would use C-Lon (Tex70) Micro Nylon Cord today. The green necklace beads and the hearts (small 4mm and in some instances a little rough) are aventurine! The Delicas are 11/0 Gold Fleck Sea Green DB1454, and unfortunately they are no longer being manufactured. I have the pattern written for this pattern just have not tested the script yet. What you can not see in the picture is the very nice peyote flowers that surround the edge of the jade disk.
All Rights Reserved ©2007 by Teri Dusenbury.
Happy Tatting!