Tatted Rosette Eye Candy
The Royal Blue and Gold Treasure Bag

 Riego's Join
 Tatted armature with fixed beads.
 Beading over the top of the rosette.
This is the front of the rosette.
This is the back and I have inserted a cab or disk and beaded over it. I could have stopped and had a interesting sun burst double sided necklace, but my mind says MORE BEADS!
 More beads...
 That strand of beads does not match, drat! So, this is where I am at. They had a sale on Fire Polished and I snapped up quite a few strands of different sizes and shapes but I just have not returned to this project.
Tatted and beaded using the C-Lon Nylon Cords and Beading Threads.
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Happy Tatting!