Tatted Rosette Eye Candy
Oritatchingu or Folded TATBead Jewelry

 This is my first folded tat-bead, that I published on February 14, 2007.
I believe this was also the first tat-bead that I put on memory wire.
The center is not exactly how I wanted this element to look like when finished. This is definitely a design that I want to revisit. I love that I found hearts that are yellow and red and match perfectly. The hex beads really catch the light! The matte 8/0 beads scanned very pinkish but they are more yellow. All in all a necklace that I will wear. I had not found the C-Lon Nylon Cord yet so I was using Dual Duty Plus #220 in red. Miyuki 8/0 in Matte Transparent Light Topaz AB (I have not purchased from this store), Delicas 11/0 Hex Light Topaz Luster Cut DB101CUT, 6mm Czech Pressed Glass Hurricane Hearts in Captured Sunset.
 This was tatted from a cord that I purchased in a kit that I fully intended on using for that project. Nope, it never happened, I pulled this cord out and used it to tat this rosette and I was in love with this huge gauged cord. It was silky, held the knot, and looked great. I started looking for a source, as I did not want to keep purchasing this expensive kit just to harvest the thread from. Unfortunately, the cord was not being manufactured anymore. I think it was originally for upholstery. Do you see the common thread? If I like it, boom discontinued. Kismet? This is how I found Jewels In Fiber and C-Lon Nylon Cords.
 I like the symbol "x" as that is where the treasure is buried!
   This might look familiar? It was a "tat-bead" that I did when the blog was called, The Lover's Knot. Remember? I decided to finish the tat-bead by adding a necklace. Problem is that when I was creating this element, I did not think to put something in-between so that you could not see the back side peeping through. I decided to use these resin flowers to cover up what is suppose to be hidden anyway. It is effective but it also covers the tatting. Is it about the cord, the beads or the tatting?
   Unfortunately, they do not make this cord any more. While searching for this product I found C-Lon Micro (Tex70) Nylon Cord. The above shown cord is huge but oh-so-soft. I believe at one time it came in wonderful colors but I only have a bit left of this shade and a pearl grey.
   Druks, druks, druks! I would spend all my money on druks! Materials: Delicas 11/0 DB908 Inside Chartreuse, Miyuki 8/0 Bronze Lined Aqua, Czech 4mm Olive Matte Frosted Iris or Aurora Borealis Finish Matte Rose Druks,  7 Petal Resin Daisy in Matte Pink. That resin daisy is available in other colors just not the pink. If the "druk" is fancy (as in a matte or lined) Shipwreck Beads is the place. Their online store makes it next to impossible to link to a specific bead. Plus, you can spend hours looking for a bead on that site. They have the best deal for "fancy" druks, and better yet if it is on sale. Fire Mountain Gems has the best online store, easy to link to, best deals and if you go for the best discount... FMG do not carry all druks that are available on the market.  The place that I was getting the Miyuki 8/0 "seeds" went out of business, then they were back but there online store is a nightmare. I am unfamiliar with some of these other stores that carry this size bead. Note: This is not the 8/0  "cylinder" shape bead.
 See the X?
 Love just the ribbon for a bracelet.
 Another X!
Rosette has four rings the same, with four rings between that are shorter. Folded over a MOP shell tile. 
Tiger's Eye and that might be two size 80 threads.
These are double sided beads or pendants. 
Materials: DB327 11/0 Delicas Matte Dark Teal, Toho Bead Hex 8/0 Matte Metallic Moss AB, 4mm Travertine Cube Czech Glass Beads, 13mm flat Jade coin- I think this size was too small and a flat 15mm would have been the better fit. C-Lon Micro (Tex70) Nylon Cord in Olive. Okay, this is kind of ugly in a camouflage way.
All Rights Reserved ©2007 by Teri Dusenbury.
Happy Tatting!