Tatted Rosette Eye Candy
It Is Going To Be A Bumpy Ride
TATBead Rosette Necklaces

I spent over six hours looking for a picture on all four of my hard drives last night. Date your photographs and put a proper description. Holy cow, what a mess!
  I made a total of three double-sided rosette motifs using the same color scheme. One is a necklace, the second is almost a necklace and the third...
 This is one side of the beaded rosette, I think this is true to color.
   This is the other side of the beaded rosette above. Yes, the coloring is off. I have not yet beaded the necklace portion, but I like those beads up above. That is dyed serpentine in the center.
   I was hoping that the above pictured rosette was the front to the rosette below, but that is a big no.
Yippee! I found the front side of the beaded rosette below. No easy feat.
 Very low light. Those are silver lined Delicas, because they stopped making the gold.
 Let's ramp this beading up. When I am on a beading roll, I do not like to stop to take photographs. Love that eggplant colored transparent bead... yes please! I have always wanted a beaded amulet bag, so I thought I would turn this beaded rosette into a bag.
This is now the inside of the bag.
 Those are dark purple cat's eye rounds. Starting the sides of the bag.
Probably 4mm fancy fire polished rounds that are peridot mixed with purple.
I am using Toho One beading thread. I leave my beading threads to finish at the end. Drat! I ran out of beads and by the time I had more, I moved on to other projects. I may finish this yet.
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