Tatted Rosette Eye Candy
In A Tiger's Eye Necklace

 I bought a lot of these Tiger's Eye beads when the common folk could afford to purchase beads. The center puffed coin is not Tiger's Eye but Tiger Iron. A little less expensive.
 This side is beaded only.
 I mix my Tiger's Eye. I have some red, blue and yellow. The scanner loved this bead, and it almost looks like an oil painting. This is a very eye-catching necklace.
 That is a Tiger's Eye flat disk that I got at a great discount, because I purchased so many. Those barrel Tiger's Eye beads were like a grade z, full of pits and white marks. I actually cleaned up these scans because they looked so awful.
A little Tiger's Eye Scarab to cover my ends.
This was the last necklace that Marv and I worked on. He was my beading buddy. This dog was a Vet's dream. Bad skin, teeth and constant ear infections. Not soon after this photograph was taken and he had a major stroke. Totally not prepared for losing him so soon. Still cry about that dog and friend.
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Happy Tatting!