Tatted Rosette Eye Candy
Hooped Tat-Bead Necklace

The rosette is small. Some beads are tatted into the armature, or what is called fixed beading. You definitely do not want to break a fixed bead... Then there is beading on top of the tatting. This was my first rosette where I covered all the tatting.
 Back of this one sided necklace.
I struggled with every bead and tatted motif that I have tried to put on a hoop or memory wire. You can see the hoop as I could not get the right amount of beads onto the hoop, without mangling it. I stopped while I was ahead as I had already trashed one hoop. This is a memory wire that I cut to size, not an earring hoop.
I should try taking a photograph of this necklace because it is beautiful. Scanning of the beads was just not happening as well as it should have. Blue Goldstone Hearts and Blue-Green Fire Polished Rounds.
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Happy Tatting!