Tatted Rosette Eye Candy
The Good, Bad and the Ugly

This is the finished piece. Those orange rounds are peach aventurine. The center bead is a large puffed red goldstone coin. The 11/0 beads were a transparent color and a bronze-lined bead. Those heart beads are carnelian, the real deal.
  I discovered, eventually, that my beading problems started with those aventurine beads. The inside of the bead hole was extremely sharp, so problems arose, but I was not about to ream every bead. I was also using a sharp beading needle and I was probably causing damage to a very small gauged thread and...
  I am not following any type of beading instructions but flying by the seat of my pants and learning some hard lessons.
  All of my beading starts with a tatted armature. I just did not photograph the beginning or just have not found it yet.
 This is the one side or the inside in one instance.
 This is the inside and you can see that large goldstone. Sometimes, I will buy beads that are seconds, meaning they are less than perfect. I end up beading over them so no one will notice if the focal bead is less than perfect.
 I am still trying to get an amulet bag.
 Beading up the side.
 I do use beading boards. I like Toho One but when it kept breaking...
You can see how ragged the beading thread is. I did use Thread Heaven to condition the thread so that it could withstand all of my torture.
 The beading became detached from the medallion. This is when the crying begins..
A second attempt with a different thread and I stopped trying to make an amulet bag.
You can see the thread line through the transparent bead. I went through as many times as I could because I feared the whole darn thing would fall apart. I like sharp beading needles but after stabbing myself many times and because I thought I was causing damage, I filed the points down. I am just so happy to have finished this project.
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Happy Tatting!