Tatted Rosette Eye Candy
Folded TATBead Necklaces

This is my take on folded tatted, not to be confused with...
 This is an eight ring tat-bead rosette.
 I even added an extra tat-bead round.
 Materials used: C-Lon Micro (Tex70) Nylon Cord in Light Copper, Aragonite Puffed Coin Bead 14x6mm, Delica's 11/0 Matte Transparent Tangerine AB (DB855), Miyuki 8/0 Matte Transparent Orange AB.
 This is size 10 DMC that I dyed that yellow. 20mm Horn Bead.
 Horn Bead.
 Side view.
All Rights Reserved ©by Teri Dusenbury.
Happy Tatting!