Tatted Rosette Eye Candy
Three Pink Quartz Tat-Bead Necklaces

 Tat-Beaded with C-Lon Nylon Cord Tex70. One side shows more tatting.
This is the other side of the above pictured rosette. Both sides of the rosette have a rose quartz cabochon in the center, but one side the opening exposing the cabochon is larger, and you see more tatting.
This is one side. I have only been able to find those butterfly beads at Shipwreck Beads.
This is the other side of the tat-bead rosette above.
One side.
I had to go and find these necklaces, because first I thought they were double-sided, and then I convinced myself they were not. They are double-sided, and the beading on both sides is very similar on some rosettes. Thankfully, all three rosettes have differently beaded necklaces...
   Last winter, while going through some of my tat-bead jewelry, I noticed that many of the inside lids of my boxes were starting to mold. I about had a heart attack. I have for the past ten years taken great precautions to keep my lace from being eaten by acids, etc.
   We live in the great northwest were it is damp, and mold easily grows on everything. I, also, had an inside plant room with a huge hydroponic growing system, the house was full of moisture. My house had it's own weather conditions. 
   I threw out all of my jewelry boxes :(, placed all jewelry in acid-free bags that were then placed in plastic shoe containers with a gauze bag filled with dry rice.
   I also purchased a dehumidifier, and we could not even believe how much water we were pulling from the one room. I like the humidity at about 50%, but Ollie was going lower. It was so dry that the house started to creak. 
   The point is: check your lace every year. Do NOT spray air fresheners near your displayed lace, or plants for that matter, as neither will stand for it. When storing, make sure the lace is CLEAN and DRY. If wrapped in tissue paper make sure it is acid free. Dry, white rice is a perfect, cheap desiccant that works. Some of our vitamins will not even last a month unless we place rice in the jars. Especially, that B complex...
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