Tatted Rosette Eye Candy
Early TATBead Rosette Jewelry

I believe this earring started my true obsession with beads and rosettes.Pictured Jasper Cab and Toho beads.
This is how it started...
Adding more beads to the actual tatting.
 These are two necklaces that were made using Walrus Tusk.
 Back of motif.
 Front of motif. I was tatting with Dual Duty Plus at the time.
 This peyote flower necklace was my first and too stiff.
 DDP in black, Hex Delicas and Blue Goldstone rounds.
The necklace turned out nice.
 The motif started out as this...
And ended up as this necklace.
 Another early beaded rosette. I was calling these starburst medallions. The necklace is beaded crochet with tatted ending.
 Hugs and Kisses Necklace
Those beads just glow! Unakite rounds.
Sue's Garnet Medallions or Rosettes
It started as this...
Became this for a few minutes...
See the tatting? Back side of this necklace.
 This is a scan of the completed necklace.
I have no idea how I did this...
Kind of makes a statement. Why should I not take a picture of myself wearing a necklace that I created from scratch? People continuously confound me.
Back and I could of pulled my bead thread tighter.
Really love this necklace.
This is a very old tat-bead from the "Lover's Knot Blog". I used old "Dual Duty Plus #220" in one of the great colors that it once came in, fuchsia This color and a wonderful turquoise were discontinued, it makes no sense to me either. I did not have enough leftover thread to use in the necklace, so I used a neutral and now that I see the project completed, I should have chosen something a little more neutral.
   It does not look it but the pink beads match the thread perfectly! I should have sorted and chosen the dyed green mother-of-pearls rounds prior to beading, there is one really green bead in the center of the design that is distracting. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. Oh dear, you can see where I just knotted the end and cut. A sloppy finish to an interesting piece.
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Happy Tatting!