Knick Knack Paddy Whacks...

Or designing Stevie Nicks a Shawl!
  A few days ago, while I was considering entering the contest to design Stevie Nicks a shawl, I thought I might knit the shawl. I learned to knit at a young age, but I have not really been that excited about knitting since my late teens.
For Annie's Attic
Crochet is a whole other story, and lets just say I can feel magic in the air when I think about crocheted shawls. I wish my crochet Butterfly Shawl design could be used, but unfortunately I sold this pattern over twenty-five years ago! How in the heck did that amount of time fly by so quickly, was it magic? Today, I would probably use a nylon thread like C-Lon, add lots of beads, and other different colored small crochet butterflies to the net. I can see it now... Stevie you would have loved this shawl...
  Poo, why is tatting not included in the contest?
 Tatted Clover Bound Shawl by Teri Dusenbury
  Yes, it is tatted, and an already published design, so I would not be able to use this design to enter the contest either.
  So... lets take a minute and think about definitions. Everything has a definition and rightfully so.  If you are casting stitches upon a needle just like knitting, pulling a thread through these stitches just like Tunisian crochet, then what you are doing fits the criteria of knitting and crochet?
  Needle-tatters (NT) if you are truly tatting than you would not be able to participate in this contest. BUT since you really are not tatting, as what you do with your needle/hook does not fit the criteria to be classified or defined as tatting, you can enter the contest.
  When you purchase a piece of tatted lace, should it not fit the criteria to be classified as tatted?  If a lace is touted as handmade but is machine made instead, is there reason for alarm?  You go into a jewelry store, see a ring that says the stone is a genuine diamond, but you then find out the stone is paste, you would demand your money back, and compensation because you believe that the person and or advertisement was truthful. 
  Why does our community make allowances for what resembles but is clearly not tatting?
  What frustrates me the most about NT is that it has other wondrous possibilities. Yes, you heard right, I am saying that this technique has unexplored possibilities. Unfortunately, NT has been stuck impersonating small when the large sized gauges of thread/cord would highlight this technique in a better light. The technique could also be improved upon in many ways. For example: Stop calling it tatting. Variegated coloring only makes it look worse. Go with huge cords, chunky beads and large designs better suited for curtains, bed coverings, and a shawl or two. Sell those hemp cords and bring back donkey beads! Just do not call it tatted. Here is an idea, lets call it knooking ;)
  NT is a very controversial subject to those of us who actually tat. If a tatter has enough knowledge to speak an opinion on the subject (or state historical facts), we are usually looking for a rock to hide under once the mudslinging begins. I truly believe that those who choose to defend NT are more upset that they are in fact not really tatting, but have invested so much time, energy and money into NT that they will defend the technique with their last dying breath. 
  You may think that none of these complaints matter, but it does matter to those of us who made the effort to learn to tat, love the legitimate art form, understand the basic criteria, and do not want to see the designs and the history usurped by an interloper. 
  I must iterate, the tatting knot has a very clear and precise definition. Frankly NT does not even come close to meeting tatting's basic knot criteria.
  The hitches MUST transfer from one thread to another to even be considered a tatted knot.  How hard is that to understand? One sentence!

Demonstrated by Teri Dusenbury
TRUE TATTING KNOTS need no implement in order to be created, just your hands will suffice.  Snap! Your hands, a piece of smooth cord or thread and the willingness to learn.   No fancy shuttles, needles, books or variegated pearl cottons need to be purchased. No money need be $pent in order to learn to tat.
  Tatting shuttles are merely receptacles that hold excess thread, nothing more. There is no such thing as shuttle or needle-tatting, there is only tatting and the knot's criteria.

If you love Stevie Nicks, cast your hitches upon a needle (just like knitting), pull the running thread through the hitches like (Tunisian Crochet), be a knooking gypsy and design/make a shawl for Stevie. Whatever you do..... do not call it needle-tatting.