Tatted Eye Candy
TAT-Bead Jewelry

Simple beaded rosette that I fixed to a work badge pull. Badge goes on other side.
 DDP that gave me so many problems. This necklace was finger-tatted.
I had some sort of error. Not enough thread from the start, so when I tried to add-on I was not pleased with the results. Learning curve...
 There is tatting behind those beads.
 Learned a few techniques beading this necklace.
 The center is a beaded over 20mm purple cat's eye. Sat the butterfly so high up from the scanner bed that you can barely see the tatting.
 Black onyx flat disk.
I will not give up on that daisy chain. The necklace is partially beaded and stiff. It would have been better if I had tatted a split-ring armature and beaded the daisy chain over that. Love the color combination on this necklace.
The lace armature. Drat! No fixed beads...
After all the beading is done.
 Paua flat tile cab, I think those are pink quartz rounds, and Czech heart beads.
OK, the picture is probably more about me than the necklace...
 That is a black-lip shell button. Those are vintage crochet cottons.
An equal balance of three art forms.
 11/0 Gold-lined Delicas, fancy Czech rounds.
Capiz shell drop that I fixed to hide ends and that I had planned to bead over.
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Happy Tatting!