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 An end to a fan idea...
 Bad idea using this vanilla paper to draw ideas on, as this paper is disintegrating.
 I have tatted these hearts many, many times.
Original design that appeared in TATBiT's 1991
 This design just looks better.
 During my tatted pineapple phase.
 Considered publishing my own book. Potential page.
 This was in 1989 while I was still living in Tacoma.
 Trying to tat a unicorn. 1996
 Side view angel. 1996

 That center motif became part of New Wave Doily.
 This example went no where.
 Very early use of split-rings.
 I should have stopped sooner...
 Tatted in one continuous round. 1996
 Tatted in one continuous round. 1996
 I did not revisit this idea.
 I did not have the fan part on the half.
 Dual Duty Plus and seed beads, 1989.
 Potential heart?
 The cover lace for one of the newsletter. No pattern.
 POTMC Newsletter
 Original Acorn Motif
 Idea about putting beads into the lace. 1989-90
 I would tat these many times...
 Crochet cluster and tatting. 1989
 This is how it started.
 From fantasia while trying to get it all to fit and lie flat.
 This is when I called the newsletter TATBiT's
 Here is the original.
 From TATBiT's
 From TATBiT's
 Original Stacked Rocaille Royal
  Sew everything in... do not use glue or cement. Try and use an acid free paper. All of my workbooks are falling apart because the paper is not acid free. Never keep lace next to paper that is NOT acid free. It will turn your lace yellow and eat it. DATE your work. You may think you will remember, but you will not. Write patterns in an easy formula that you can read ten years down the road. I got fancy and know it takes me a lot longer to figure out what I was doing.
 When I moved to Port Orchard, I lost use of that fantastic photocopier I had been using in Lakewood. This was the closest copier, for public use, that I could afford to use. Still quite the walk and the copy was awful. The guy had the nerve to ask if I wanted to purchase the machine for mega bucks. He did have a cute dog...
  The next copier was closer, but cost more and the owner would complain about any dark copy.
  Then I purchased a used copier and that was a nightmare. After the POTMC Newsletter I stopped.
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