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 Wire wrapped mermaid tears or sea glass.
 Green Aventurine Heart
 Hate when that happens...
 See the eye and the beak? Dinosaur Egg?
 Back View
 Fire Agates from ArtBeads a couple of years ago.
 These are very large beads. Heavy too. I have yet to do anything with them.
Fire Agates
ArtBeads now has a small variety of Fire Agate beads, but nothing like these. Fire Mountain Gems has a larger variety, but nothing close to the beads above. Shipwreck Beads has a small variety, mostly round. Etsy has a pretty good selection, and a variety of colors.
 Fire Mountain Gems - $300
 Shipwreck Beads
 After all beads are selected.
Sometimes, the hardest part is figuring out the color combinations.
Bloopers are sad and funny at the same time. Beads go 11/0, 8/0, and 6/0 with 6/0 being the largest of the three sizes.
  I have been collecting beads for many, many years. Most beads have been purchased at a great discount, because I purchase during sales, or used the stores discount system. Instead of getting expensive jewelry for an anniversary or birthday, I would use the money to buy beads. Some beads were gifted.
  Some people may think this is OCD. This is not OCD, I love beads and I use them. OCD in most instances, the purchase is never even used. I fully intend on using my beads, even if I have to duct tape binoculars to my head.
 These are beads that I bought through the Bead Obsession.
Shipwreck Beads. Those hanks are not Delicas and I think some of them are 3-cuts. I love these beads, but they are hard for me to use, except for beading the necklace part of a project.
Mahogany Obsidian. I plan to make something from these beads.
Sorry, that is a bad scan from when I was still learning to use my scanner. I love Toho Beads. For awhile, I was only able to find them from this one store. The customer service was lousy, and you could barely read the dot-matrix label. After purchasing dangerously sharp earring wires, I stopped purchasing anything from their store. 
Vintage beads I bought on eBay. Love these beads.
Delicas 11/0
Bead Obsession
C-Lon Stash and Granddaughter
Tuff, Silkon, and I am unsure what is in the back in zip-lock bags.
Dual Duty Plus, Needle Threaders and my netting shuttle stash.
 Blacks beads. Jello and dog food containers that I reused to hold my beads.
 Aqua and turquoise beads.
 White and beige beads.
 Orange and Reds.
 Bronze and Champagne.
Wooden Beads.
 Aqua and Teals.
 More Pinks.
More reds.

 C-Lon Crochet Braid

 Dual Duty Plus
DMC Size 10
 Dual Duty sprung from heat and salt.

 100 Needle Threaders
Ollie loves TATBiT!
Happy Tatting!