Turtle Words...

Fabric Coin Sassy Turtle
I believe that I have shared all of the Show and Tell Turtle Videos, Turtle Images, and Turtle Pattern Links that are available. 
  I recommend starting with the Fabric Coin Sassy Turtle. From there then go to the other Sassy patterns. The Agile would be next, and last but not least, a Dream Turtle. 
  Please remember that these tat-bead turtles are all advanced designs. Know your skill level. 
  If you substitute any of the supplies listed for each pattern shared, that will change how your turtle will look. For the first try at these patters, stick to the supply list given. Once you learn how to tat-bead the pattern, and are able to duplicate the pattern many times, that is the time to start substituting materials.
  If you want to learn bead tatting, I would suggest starting with a beaded butterfly first. Of course, learning to finger-tat is a must. Might just change your whole perspective on tatted lace.
Happy Tatting!