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The Agile Turtle
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 The Agile Turtle Necklace
 This is what the back of the necklace looks like. You can see the tatted armature. Some beads are tatted (fixed) into the tatting.
 The peyote is beaded after the armature is tatted and holds the Jade Disk into place. A turtle shell so to speak.
Materials: Size 20mm Jade Flat Oval Disk, Dual Duty Plus #220 in Green Linen, Delicas 11/0 DB852 Matte Transparent Topaz AB, 6mm flat Argonite hearts.
Beading after the armature is finished.
Eye Candy...
 This is crochet in TEX210 C-Lon Cord in Gold.
 Fancy Jasper Cabochon and 11/0 Delicas
 This scan is a little deceiving as the bolo portion was only big enough to fit around Lily's neck.
Lily was such a good sport. Actually, I think she pouted at times when she was not the center of attention. Lily was a hairy-hairless, sable, Chinese Crested Dog. She wore shirts except for when it was hotter than hell. If she did not have a shirt on she would shake. Not sure if that was because she was cold or it had become a security type blanket. I had a little cry about her as I sure miss my girlfriend. Rarely barked and she would chase the raccoons which scared me half to death...
I love this necklace! Big, chunky beads that are almost too big for the Agile Turtle design, portion-wise.
 These 11/0 Delica beads are transparent and you can see the bead line.
This is also a scan, and you can clearly see the bead-line.
Another scan. Very hard to scan these necklaces.

Improved Agile Turtle 2012 Video Link

Those 11/0 Metallic Delicas are so expensive. I think that is my favorite color in that line. Very turtle!
Love those flat jade disks!
This is a photograph...
 This necklace looks so much more amazing in your hand. Those beads were gifted and I am not sure what they are. They are round, not cylinder. The stones are serpentine and they are heavy. I would not want to get hit in the face by the turtle portion of this necklace. Love that color!
 I love these charms. Too bad they stopped making them.
 The back of Agile Turtle prior to adhering the charm. You can see my huge finishing knot.
Here is the Front. I think this Agile is an improve version and not the pattern version.
 An early version of the Agile Turtle.
 I think there is a beading error on this Agile. Just doesn't look right.
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 Happy Tatting!