Tatting Pineapple Pattern
TATBiT's Pineapple Treasure Bag
Tatting Demos

This Treasure Bag was tatted with Knit Cro Sheen. A local shop went out of business, so I purchased a lot of this thread (in this color) for next to nothing. I had blisters on my fingers after tatting this bag.
Yikes! Early days of learning to use that scanner. I could probably spend hours touching up this scan.... no!

1993 was a very long time ago when it comes to video technology. The camera that I used was huge compared to the dainty digital cameras available today. This camera held a full sized VHS tape that was recorded upon. Unfortunately, those tapes have a shelf-life of about two seconds. All of my masters molded. I am very lucky to have a copy of this copied video and I would like to thank Susan "Smady" Carter for transferring her VHS copy to a CD for me. Masters were pure and most of the sold copies were a copy of a copy. These demos are fuzzy and if I had better software today.... just glad to have this version. I was younger, thinner and my nails looked nice. If I had only used the black background... This was without a doubt the hardest project I ever endeavored to complete. I had no help and I just broke even when all was said and done.
   I read off a script because there was so much noise in the background, dogs barking, boys slamming doors. etc. I had to record the narration at 2am in the morning for it to be quiet.  I sound like a "used car" salesperson which I almost was in another life.

The script is written "literally" which makes it hard to read unless you do not understand the concept behind directional rings. The video has been chopped up, edited etc. so that the video time will no longer be precise.
All Rights Reserved ©1994 by Teri Dusenbury.
Happy Tatting!